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Herbs include plant materials such as leaves, flowers, fruits, seed, stem wood, bark, roots, rhizomes or other plant parts, which may be entire or fragmented.

Why Are We Working With Herbal Products?

Consumers all over the world are using herbal products to reduce stress, increase their energy and fitness levels and to boost immunity and other functions. Herbal products are also being used to against conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other uncomfortable conditions.
Best Nutras mainly work with the flowers used for herbal tea, and fruits, seeds, bark, roots are mainly for medical purpose. For our herbals materials, we’ve received good harvest from our farms during the past years.

How to Make it Easier from Herbals Products to Plantbased Ingredients?

Best Nutras has joint venture factories that could produce more than 90% of the ingredients required by customers worldwide. We aims to achieve new ingredients and products with the attributes of quality, traceability and sustainability.
We harvest the herbal materials directly from nature and then proceed them with our unique technology to ingredients. The ingredients will be the best choice for dietary supplement production.

Solutions from Herbs to ingredients:

Dietary Supplement Production Center

We provide ONE STOP solution services for private label design. our services Include : Helping our clients for label design, documents registration and new formulas development. Best Nutras committed to provide premium services with a competitive price to partners. Our dosage forms include: Tablets, Capsules, Gummies and softgels;


Inquiry About our Dietary Supplement


Is there any Warehouses in US?

We have dedicated warehouses in US and it was established with our long-term cooperation partners. With the storage of over one hundred tons of products, which drive us to offer more convenience for customers.
And we have also made right classification for different products, like, herbal materials, ingredients, organic products and dietary supplements…etc. And customers could pick up their orders or samples from US warehouses.

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