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  • D Chiro Inosit

    Produktname: d-chiro-inositol
    CAS-Nr.: 643-12-9
    MF: C6H12O6
    Reinheit:≥98% or according to customer request
    Farbe: Off-White Powder
    Produktkategorien: Lebensmittelqualität, feed grade, Pharma-Qualität
    Proben: Erhältlich für 10-20g
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    Where D-chiro-inositol Is From?

    The inositols occur in nature mainly in cereal, Nüsse, pulses and fruit. D-Chiro-inositol, which is among the inositols the one with the most relevant biological activity, is contained in buckwheat and, in a moderate quantity also in carob, which has turned into its main source of extraction.

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    What is D-Chiro-inositol Powder?

    D-chiro-Inosit (DCI) powder is an optically active one of the nine isomers of inositol. In den vergangenen Jahren, it has been found that D-chiral inositol (DCI) not only has inositol promoting liver lipid metabolism, but also has insulin sensitization, lowering blood sugar, and improving ovulation in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). it could regulates hormone balance, improves menstrual disorders, and has special physiological functions such as anti-oxidation, Antialterung, and anti-inflammatory.


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    COA of Best Butras D-chiro-inositol (DCI)

    d chiro inositol coa

    Best Nutras D chiro inositol Supplement

    • Spezifikation

    A supplement blend of 2,000 mg of Myo-Inositol and 50 mg of D-Chiro Inositol (following the body’s normal ratio of 40:1) to support healthy hormone levels, menstrual cycles, and ovarian health.


    • What’s the benefits of Best Nutra D chiro inositol Supplement?

    Supporting Hormonal Health

    Blood glucose control, reproductive support, ovarian support, hormone support, improved IVF outcomes.

    Supporting Your Menstrual Cycle

    With healthier insulin sensitivity, it may help your body maintain healthy androgen, testosterone, and luteinizing hormone levels for a regular monthly cycle.

    Supporting Ovarian Health

    Myo & D-Chiro Inositol are naturally occurring compounds found in plant foods which can support healthy ovulation, contribute to oocyte quality, and support overall reproductive and ovarian health.

    May Improve Symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that causes hormone imbalances in women, which may lead to irregular periods and infertility. Weight gain, high blood sugar and undesirable cholesterol and triglyceride levels are also concerns with PCOS.
    D-Chiro-Inosit kann die PCOS-Symptome verbessern, besonders in Kombination mit Folsäure.

    Kann ich D-Chiro-Inositol-Ergänzung mit Best Nutras D-Chiro-Inositol-Pulver erhalten??

    Ja, bestimmt. Best Nutras liefert auch D-Chiro-Inosit-Pulver und Rohstoffe, damit Sie Ihre Marke anpassen können. Wir könnten Ihre Marke basierend auf unseren Rohstoffen entwerfen.
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