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Polvere di erba di grano- Alimento salutare naturale

aprile 7, 2022

Primo, The Nutritional Value of Wheat Grass

The protein content of wheat seedlings is much higher than that of common fruits and vegetables. Il contenuto proteico delle piantine d'orzo è 1.6 volte quello della carne bovina e 4.2 volte quello del riso. The content of dietary fiber in wheat seedlings is also dozens of times higher than that of common fruits and vegetables, and the micronutrients in wheat seedlings are also quite rich. The content of vitamin A in wheat seedlings is 6.5 times that of eggs and more than 3 times that of spinach. The content of vitamins B1, B2 and C is higher than that of many fruits and vegetables, and barley seedlings contain 2.3 times the vitamin C of citrus and 2 times that of spinach. Wheat seedlings are especially high in vitamin E, 5.8 times that of eggs. The mineral content of wheat seedlings is also very rich. The potassium content of wheat seedlings is 7.4 times that of spinach and 6.1 times that of fresh jujube; il contenuto di magnesio è 4.3 times that of spinach; il contenuto di calcio è 2.8 times that of spinach and 1.8 times that of milk; il contenuto di ferro è 6.5 times that of spinach, 5.7 times that of beef; 2.85 times that of beef, 15.9 times that of spinach, e 7.9 volte quello del riso.

The protein content of wheat seedlings is much higher than that of common fruits

erba di grano

2. Why Wheat Grass Powder is Recommended as Nutritional Ingredient?

The nutrients of polvere di erba di grano have been widely demonstrated. Per esempio, protein is necessary for human growth and metabolism; dietary fiber can prevent constipation and reduce the occurrence of colon cancer; vitamin A can prevent night blindness; vitamin B1 can strengthen the function of the nervous system and prevent beriberi; vitamin B2 can maintain the mucosa of the oral cavity and digestive tract Health; vitamin C can enhance immunity and prevent sepsis; vitamin E can resist oxidation, prevent aging, and promote the secretion of sex hormones. The minerals rich in wheat grass powder also have their own effects. Per esempio, potassium can maintain the acid-base balance of the human body; magnesium can inhibit the excitability of nerve and muscle conduction; calcium is an element that constitutes bones and can prevent osteoporosis; iron is one of the main raw materials for synthesizing hemoglobin; zinc can enhance the vitality of brain cells and boost immunity.
Wheat grass powder also contain a large number of other bioactive components, such as chlorophyll, enzymes and polyphenols. Chlorophyll has the function of anti-mutation, as well as the functions of promoting wound healing, antinfiammatorio, sterilizzazione, deodorizing, lowering cholesterol, promoting bowel movement, and relieving constipation.
A large number of experiments have confirmed that they have five main functions:
(1) slimming and anti-obesity;
(2) lowering cholesterol, triglyceride, and lipid peroxides;
(3) increasing the content of high-density lipoprotein and SOD enzymes;
(4) reducing the damage of alcohol to gastric mucosa ;
(5) anti-fatigue, enhance physical strength. Wheat and Barley grass juice powder also has the effect of lowering blood sugar, resisting alcoholic gastric ulcer and anti-fatigue.

polvere di erba di grano

3. Nutritional Ingredient from Wheat Grass&Polvere d'erba d'orzo – “Barley Green

The most successful product for the development of wheat grass and barley grass powder isbarley green”. Under a certain temperature and pressure, the active nutrients are extracted by the unique technology, and the original ecology is maintained into dried functional food.
According to the clinical research of scientists, barley green has the following 9 physiological functions:
(1) to promote the recovery of damaged DNA;
(2) to reduce inflammation and pain;
(3) to enhance immunity and prevent cancer, anticancro, and anti-radiation;
(4) inhibit the role of HIV ;
(5) abbassamento della pressione sanguigna;
(6) anti-ulcer;
(7) removing excess free radicals in the body, anti-aging and preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;
(8) preventing diabetes;
(9) accelerating wound healing, promoting hematopoiesis, and eliminating bad breath.
Wheat grass juice beverage, barley green cola and so on have been developed abroad. Many countries use barley grass powder and fresh milk as the main raw materials, which are fermented to make nutritious yogurt with wheat grass and barley grass powder.

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