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    Produkt: Chrysanthemum
    Teil: Flower
    Aussehen: Yellow
    Quelle: Chrysanthemum flower/Natural Plant
    Paket: 500g, 1kg
    Anwendung: Tee, beverage, food profuction, pharma fields.
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    MOQ: 1kg
    Aktie: Large stock
    Zertifikate: Koscher, halal, USDA,ISO

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    chrysanthemum bud flower

    Vorteile des Trinkens von Chrysanthemenknospentee

    1. Chrysanthemenknospen können in Wasser eingeweicht werden, um Hitze zu klären und Feuer zu lindern, besonders zum Trinken im Sommer geeignet, denn fötale Chrysanthemen sind eine Art Kühlnahrung, Das Einweichen in Wasser kann die Wut im Körper beseitigen, und kann auch die Wirkung haben, Hitze zu beseitigen und den Durst zu stillen.
    2. Zusätzlich, drinking chrysanthemum in water at ordinary times can also relieve eye fatigue, especially suitable for office workers who need to face the computer for a long time. It can protect the eyes, and it is enough to drink about three or four cups a day.
    3. Drinking chrysanthemum bud in water can also relieve the problem of fatigue and fatigue. Office workers can bring some chrysanthemum bud and drink a cup at ten o’clock in the morning every day.
    4. Chrysanthemum bud can also prevent radiation, because chrysanthemum contains a variety of anti-radiation substances. For friends who often need to face the computer, chrysanthemum is a good food that resists radiation.
    5. Drinking more fetal chrysanthemum bud can also remove bacteria and viruses in the body, which can have a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect.

    Chrysanthemum Buds in use

    Chrysanthemum bud Benefits

    The main components of chrysanthemum are volatile oils, Flavonoide, amino acids and other trace elements.

    Cardiovascular effects
    Relevant research from Zhejiang Medical University,China concluded that the preparation of chrysanthemum can significantly increase the coronary blood flow in isolated rabbit hearts, and improve the depression of ischemic ST segment in the ECG after brain center stimulation, thus showing an increase in the the ability of animals to tolerate hypoxia. According to chrysanthemum dilation of cardiac coronary arteries, increase arterial blood flow, and improve the tolerance of cardiomyocytes to hypoxia, it can be used as an antihypertensive drug clinically.

    Effect on cholesterol
    It is recorded in the relevant data that the decoction preparation of chrysanthemum can inhibit the activity of methylglutaphthalide-CoA reductase in rat liver microsomes, activate some cholesterol enzymes, and accelerate the metabolism of cholesterol. In the research of Hu Chun and other scholars, it was also found that some extracts of chrysanthemum can significantly improve the increase of cholesterol in rats in the experiment, keep the level of cholesterol in serum basically unchanged, and improve the protective high-density lipoprotein. The concentration of low-density lipoproteins, which are harmful to the body, is reduced. When the body ingests too much cholesterol, some components in chrysanthemum can accelerate the metabolism of cholesterol, inhibit the rise of triglycerides, and ultimately prevent or treat clinically adjuvant diseases of hyperlipidemia.

    Chrysanthemum has obvious inhibitory effect on some gram-positive bacteria and human Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Some foreign studies have also proved that chrysanthemum also has a certain ability to kill and inhibit simple scab virus, measles virus and polio virus. Zusätzlich, another important property of chrysanthemum is the anti-AIDS effect found in research. Studies in some literature journals reported that some chrysanthemums can inhibit the replication activity of some transcriptases and HLV. The isolated acacetin-7-0-BDO galactopyranosine II is a novel active ingredient against HIV, and The toxicity to the human body is relatively low, and it can be applied to the related research of anti-AIDS.

    Antibacterial effect
    Relevant data show that Chrysanthemum has a complete inhibitory effect on bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Shigella, Typhoid Bacillus, Paratyphoid Bacillus, Proteus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Vibrio cholerae in vitro, and has some inhibitory effect on Mycobacterium tuberculosis in humans.

    Anti-aging effect
    This effect of chrysanthemum is mainly reflected in that some components of chrysanthemum can significantly improve the activity of brain cells, prevent accidents or lesions of cerebral blood vessels, delay brain function decline, protect cell biofilm superoxide anion free radicals, and achieve anti-aging purposes. , Zusätzlich, it can also help to expand the blood vessels in the brain, increase the blood supply to the brain, and play a good protective role on the brain.

    Antioxidant effect
    The flavonoids contained in chrysanthemum can scavenge free radicals and superoxide anions, and exert antioxidant capacity.

    How to make chrysanthemum tea?

    1. Take about 3-4 chrysanthemum buds and put them in a glass of about 400ml;
    2. Add boiling water (100 Grad) to about 7 oder 8 points full, cover with a lid, soak for 3-5 Protokoll, then drink while hot;
    3. Drink until the remaining 1/3 of the tea soup, add boiling water to brew, so that the concentration of the tea soup is more uniform before and after;
    4. You can add sugar or honey, or mix it with any kind of tea you like, such as French rose, wolfberry, etc.
    5. To brew snow tire chrysanthemum, it must be brewed with just boiled water so that the pollen can come out. Do not use the water from the water dispenser, because the water temperature of the water dispenser is not enough.

    Chrysanthemum Precautions

    1. Drink with the bubble, not overnight. Chrysanthemum tea is rich in flavonoids, has good antioxidant properties, can help the human body to scavenge free radicals in the body, and has various health effects such as lowering cholesterol and inhibiting blood pressure. Jedoch, flavonoids are very unstable and are easily oxidized, so that the tea loses its original yellow color and turns green, and its health care effect will also decline. Deshalb, chrysanthemum tea should be brewed and drunk now, and it is best not to keep it for a long time.
    2. Don’t put rock sugar. People with body heat should not add rock sugar. For people with cold body and weak body, adding some rock sugar to chrysanthemum tea can slightly weaken the coldness and is more suitable for their physique. For people who are hot and strong, adding rock sugar will weaken the heat-clearing effect of chrysanthemum tea. It is recommended to use dried fruit instead of rock sugar.
    3. Learning to use scientific collocation. No matter what kind of chrysanthemum is, the nature is cold. Allgemein, people with yang deficiency constitution (usually afraid of cold) and spleen and stomach deficiency (stomach pain and stomach discomfort after eating cold things) are recommended to use autumn mulberry, wolfberry, dried fruit and other formulas for chrysanthemum Qi tea, the effect of clearing liver and improving eyesight is better, with wolfberry to nourish liver and kidney, and mulberry leaf to prevent colds. Chrysanthemum has a sweet taste and nourishes the liver and kidney, and with wolfberry, which nourishes the liver and kidney, the effect is strengthened. Both mulberry leaves and chrysanthemum can disperse wind-heat, clear the liver and improve eyesight. Together, they can relieve symptoms such as fever and headache in the early stage of wind-heat cold.
    4. Avoid eating with the same ingredients. Chrysanthemum is poisonous when boiled with chicken and pork, and cannot be eaten with celery.

    Where to buy Chrysanthemum Bud?

    Best Nutras works not only at botanical ingredients, but also herb flowers and spices used for ingredients production. We guarantee that our Chrysanthemum bud is natural, vegan and plantbased for customer’s final choice. From nature to finished products, we ensure that all procedures could meet demand of FDA. Senden Sie uns gerne eine Anfrage an [email protected] and start your healthy life!


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