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Natural guaranteed from the beginning

As we all know, there are a few challenges when making natural products:

  • Natural ingredients are hard to be sourced – It’s difficult to get the exact ingredient when we need it because of weather, seasonality, environmental, and global supply chains,. No matter what happened, we could promise that we never use inferior ingredients as temporary replacements. We treat customer value at “1”.
  • Natural ingredients are variable– Natural products and natural ingredients can vary in color, texture, quality or applications. For different applications, the same ingredient many have big difference from appearance.
  • Extra careis a must for natural ingredients -Temperature, light and heat will need to be paid much attention to normally since some natural ingredients need to be kelp away from light and dry place will be required also… to maintain the quality and strength of natural features.

natural environment

How we keep it natural?

It is necessary for us to take some actions if we want to keep each ingredient natural:

  1. Supplier requirements– Our suppliers are supplying products we need according to our purchasing terms and product specifications, and we take the necessary steps to ensure these requirements are adhered to. For example, it will be a must for us to test the samples and analyze production methods finally.
  2. Testing– With the complex laboratory equipment and some of the most advanced analytical instrumentation currently available, we are able to detect adulterants including synthetic hormones and steroids, solvents, synthetic forms from botanical, and many other substances so that the premium quality could be ensured.
  3. Good practices make all better – We evaluate all of our suppliers to ensure their manufacturing and processing procedures are effective and efficient, and when it comes to natural ingredients, they must have the professional practices on all procedures. The raw materials would also need to be tested before production to ingredients. We do believe good practices make everything better.
  4. Natural ingredients – The most important is that we use natural ingredients that exactly match the natural ingredient’s chemistry, such as the environments of raw materials( soil, planting, growing, water used and harvest). We believe these are also some important factors that customers caring about now.

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