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Beterraba em pó para musculação

November 3, 2022

Certain pre-workout supplements may also help you achieve muscle pumps, especially pre-workouts containing beetroot extract.
You need to continue reading to learn more about how beetroot powder can benefit you and where to discover the best beet supplement if you want to build muscle in the gym.

beterraba em pó

What is BeetRoot?

Beetroot is a dark reddish-purple root vegetable, commonly referred to as red beet or just beets. In addition to fiber, folato, manganês, potássio, ferro, e vitamina C, this vegetable is also rich in fiber.
Numerous health advantages of beetroot include more fantastic athletic performance, reduced blood pressure, and improved blood flow. The extremely high concentration of inorganic nitrates, including nitrates, nitrites, and nitric oxide, is to blame for everything.
Let’s examine dietary nitrates in more detail and how they support muscular pumps.
Due to these benefits, nitrates consumed in the form of beetroot juice or powder have been shown to have performance-enhancing benefits.

Research suggests that the consumption of beetroot can offer improvements in performance in two ways:
1) Improving endurance performance by lowering the oxygen cost of submaximal exercise and muscle efficiency;
2) Increasing muscle contraction, which boosts muscle strength and sprinting efficiency.

Beetroot for Bodybuilding

Due to the extensive studies demonstrating beetroot supplements are an effective supplement for enhancing endurance training, they have been popular among endurance athletes for a time.
Though it’s yet to fully break through the bodybuilding and weightlifting world.

While the obvious benefit of consuming beetroot for bodybuilding would be increased muscle pump, does this have a tangible benefit to muscle growth?
Although the initial research indicates that this wouldn’t be a shocking discovery in the near future, it seems to still be up for debate.
Higher rep sets have been demonstrated to be improved by beetroot, potentially leading to better hypertrophy (crescimento muscular).

Portanto, even if the research in this field is still in its early stages, the preliminary results are encouraging so far and point to a big potential for beetroot supplementation in the realm of bodybuilding, with little to no drawbacks.

red beetroot

How about Beetroot Dosage?

It’s crucial to find the right dose of beetroot to fully benefit from its performance-enhancing advantages because beetroot dosage actually plays a sizable role in them.
The results indicate that the dose needed to increase exercise economy is an acute consumption of 5.0–8.5 mmol of nitric oxide (310–525 mg), while higher doses might be required to increase performance.
This dosage is comparable to two intense shots of beet juice, best taken two to three hours prior to exercising.
Beetroot can also be taken in powder form, we have high-quality beetroot powder available now for your new project.

The most concentrated type of beetroot extract, que tem 10 times more antioxidants and 25 times more nitrate than beetroot.
This not only has the performance-improving advantages mentioned above, but it also improves cognitive function, muscle energy, and post-training recuperation.

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