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    Nome do Produto: Icarin
    Sinônimo:Extrato de Epimedium,Epimedium Powder, Icariin Powder, Horny Goat Weed Extract
    Fonte:Epimedium Plant
    Especificação:10%,20%,98% or customized as per requirement
    Método de teste: HPLC
    Certificado: Kosher, Halal, USDA, ISO...
    Amostras: Free samples is available for 10-20g
    E-mail: [email protected]

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    Where Icariin is from?

    Species of Epimedium are herbaceous perennials, growing from an underground rhizome. Their growth habits are somewhat variable. Some have solitary stems, others have atuftedhabit, with multiple stems growing close together. There may be several leaves to a stem or the leaves may be solitary, produced from the base of the plant. Icariin is the main active ingredient of Epimedium extract, which belongs to flavonoids. The main function of Icariin powder is to invigorate the kidney and promote bone development. The main specifications of our icariin are 10% 20%, e 98%. And it is a fine powder of brown-yellow.

    Epimedium leaf

    COA of Icariin Powder

    Aparência Yellow-brown fine powder Em conformidade Visual
    Odor The unique smell of epimedium Em conformidade Organoléptico
    Gosto The unique taste of epimedium Em conformidade Olfativo
    Densidade aparente Slack Density 0.46g/ml USP616
    Tamanho da partícula 95%Através 80 Malha Em conformidade CP2015


    Icariins ≥10% 10.24% HPLC
    Umidade ≤5% 3.47% CP2015(105°,4h)
    Cinza ≤5% 2.54% CP2015
    Metais Pesados ​​Totais <10ppm Em conformidade CP2015


    Aerobic Bacterial Count ≤1,000 CFU/g Em conformidade GB4789.2
    Fermento ≤100 CFU/g Em conformidade GB4789.15
    Bolor ≤100 CFU/g Em conformidade GB4789.15
    Escherichia Coli <3.0 MPN/g Em conformidade GB4789.38
    Salmonela Não detectado Em conformidade GB4789.4
    Staphylococcus aureus Não detectado Em conformidade GB4789.10

    The Functions and Benefits of Icariin

    Some people say that Epimedium is the gospel of men, is it true then? Many people see the name Icariin. People who don’t know this Chinese herbal medicine will feel the feeling of spicy eyes when they see this obscene word. But from the pharmacology of Icariin, it is warm in nature and sweet, with a little bit of acrid in it. The benefits of Icariinis are indeed related to sex. Epimedium is a very common plant in rural areas and mountains, so this medicinal material is not very rare, but its efficacy has a very good miraculous effect on male conditioning yang and kidney.

    If you have a lot of moisture in your body, and people who are prone to numbness in winter may have a cold body, it is recommended that you also eat more Epimedium, which can greatly improve the body’s defense. Além disso, many elderly people may have arthritis, and they can also eat a little Epimedium, which can effectively relieve such pain.

    From the above analysis of the effects and role of Icariin, we all know that Epimedium is indeed a very good Chinese herbal medicine. It is precisely because it has a good health care effect on the human body, so it is recommended that you can properly ingest it.

    Why Choose BestNutras as your Icariin supplier?

    Best Nutras has the following advantages:
    -Factory supplier, then we could offer the competitive price
    -Rich experiences of R&equipe D
    -Excellent customer service
    -Free samples could be provided for your testing
    -OEM service for Icariin supplement is allowed

    Bem-vindo a entrar em contato conosco em [email protected] para mais detalhes.


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