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  • Couve em Pó

    Nome do Produto: Couve em Pó
    Nome latino: kale
    Aparência: Pó Fino Verde;
    Método de teste: TLC;
    Advantage:100% natural;
    Amostra: Disponível para 10-20g
    E-mail: [email protected]


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    O que é couve em pó?

    Na vida moderna, quando a saúde das pessoas tem alguns problemas de doença, eles geralmente são aconselhados a comer vegetais verdes mais saudáveis, e couve é uma boa. Couve não é apenas um prato delicioso, mas também útil para a saúde das pessoas. Couve é rica em nutrientes, que pode efetivamente melhorar a função imunológica das próprias pessoas, thereby reducing the possibility of getting sick, and kale is rich in nutrients. To a certain extent, it also plays a very good role in promoting the prevention of some diseases.
    Kale powder, rich in vitamins A & K, cálcio, carotenoids and renowned cruciferous compounds, our freeze-dried organic kale powder readily disperses into juice, water, or your favorite smoothie. Dark, leafy greens are a good source of Vitamin A & K plus contain minerals and amino acids, the building blocks of protein. A diet rich in nutritious greens can help support overall health and wellness. Kale powder is known for its highly alkalising, nutrient-rich properties. Bulk kale powder provides a valuable source of vitamins, minerais, antioxidants and fibre, ensuring you gain maximum nutrition. With Bestnutras’s Kale Powder, increasing your daily intake of this popular superfood is easy enough!

    couve em pó

    Itens Especificação
    Nome do Produto Couve em Pó
    Aparência Light Yellow Green Powder
    Odor & Gosto Característica
    Perda ao secar ≤10,0%
    Tamanho da malha 60~80, 100~120, 200 malha
    Ash Content ≤5,0%
    Metal pesado <20ppm
    Como <2ppm
    Microbiologia Steam Sterilizaiton
    Contagem total de placas <5000UFC/g
    Fermento & Bolor <100UFC/g
    E. Coli Negativo
    Salmonela Negativo
    Irradiation status Non-irradiatied and without any Irradiation substances
    GMO Status GMO Free

    benefícios da couve em pó

    Benefits of Kale Powder

    1.Aumentando a imunidade
    When it comes to kale powder, a large number of people will find it relatively unfamiliar. Kale powdercontains many nutrients that the human body needs. Regularly eating some kale can help the body absorb more nutrients, thereby helping to enhance immune function. , can effectively resist the invasion of bacteria. Entre eles, kale powder also has vitamin K, which is less in many vegetables, which can help blood clot and prevent people from bleeding excessively when they are injured.
    Kale Powder can prevent colds and relieve sore throats caused by colds. Eating kale in autumn and winter can prevent sore throats, and it can also benefit arthritis patients to a certain extent.
    2.Preventing cancer
    Because people are affected by various factors in life, or because of their own problems, some cancer cells will develop inadvertently in the body. Kale powder contains a special substance, through long-term persistent use, this After the special substance is fully absorbed by the human body, it can be transformed into an active substance beneficial to the human body, which can effectively inhibit the development of cancer cells, and has a good auxiliary effect on the prevention and treatment of some cancer diseases.
    3.Promoting digestion
    In order to prevent insect bites, many fruits and vegetables are often coated with a layer of pesticides, which is very detrimental to human health. In this case, kale powder has played a very good role, mainly because of some ingredients contained in kale Substances can effectively help the human body remove toxins produced by pesticides, and can also promote intestinal digestion, which can well maintain gastrointestinal health.
    4.Fortalecimento dos ossos
    Everyone knows that bones are inseparable from the absorption of calcium in the process of growth. Kale powder can help people to strengthen the absorption of calcium, promote the development of bones, and has certain adjuvant treatment effects for patients with osteoporosis .
    5.Skin health
    Kale Powder is also good for the skin. Regular consumption of kale powdercan maintain a healthy skin condition. It has certain effects on patients with itchy skin, eczema, and those with skin allergies.

    Kale Powder Application

    1. Applied in Pharmaceutical health care products;
    2. It is widely used in the fields of medicine and health products;
    3. Medicine and health products, beverage and food additives.

    Professional Kale Powder Supplier

    Bestnutras has been working at the R&D of kale powder, FD kale powder for years. And we enjoys long term relationships with our clients because we focus on customer service and providing great products. If you are interested in our products, we are flexible with the customization of orders to suit your specific need and our quick lead time on orders guarantees that you’ll gain great experience by working with us.

    Why Choose Our Best Kale Powder?

    Bestnutras has been specializing in kale powder for several years and we have the following advantages to fufill your demand:
    -Excellent R&D team over food production field
    -Factory Q&C department to check every procedures of the production
    -Premium quality
    -Factory supply with Competitive price
    -Fast shipping by air

    Bem-vindo para nos enviar sua pergunta em [email protected] for more details if you’re interested in anything unique.

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