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  • Limão em Pó

    Nome do Produto: Organic Lemon Powder
    Part used: Fruta
    Tamanho da malha: 80-90malha
    Especificação: 10:1; Anthocyanidin 25%
    CAS: 84082-34-8
    Aparência: Light yellow fine powder
    Solubilidade: Soluble in water
    Armazenar: Local fresco e seco
    MOQ: 1KG
    Amostra grátis: 15-20g
    Certificado: KOSHER, HALAL, ISO,USDA;
    E-mail: [email protected]


    Aditivo alimentar, Frutas e legumes em pó , , , , , , , , ,
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    O que é limão em pó?

    O limão é uma das frutas mais medicinais do mundo, é rico em vitamina C, carboidratos, cálcio, fósforo, ferro, vitamina B1, vitamina B2, niacina, ácido quínico, Ácido Cítrico, ácido málico, glicosídeos de casca de laranja, naringina, cumarina, alto teor de potássio e baixo teor de sódio, etc., que são muito benéficos para o corpo humano. De acordo com relatos, the vitamin C contained in lemon powder can maintain the production of various tissues and interstitial cells in the human body and maintain their normal physiological functions. The matrix, bonding and gel formation in the human body all need vitamin C to protect. When vitamin C is deficient, the interstitial-jelly-like substance between cells also decreases. Nesse caminho, the cell tissue will become brittle, lose the ability to resist external forces, and the human body is prone to scurvy; Organic lemon powder has more uses, such as preventing colds, stimulating hematopoiesis, and fighting cancer.


    limão em pó

    Nome do Produto
    Limão em Pó
    Peça usada
    Lemon Fruit
    Grade alimentar
    Yellow Fine Powder
    Local fresco e seco
    24 Meses
    1 Kg

    Organic lemon powder features

    1. Removing bitterness and astringency;
    2. Ultra-low temperature process, retain the original lemon fruit aroma;
    3. Retaining the vitamin C in it to the maximum extent, so the color is natural;
    4. Whole fruit powder (full of juice).
    5. Instant type, dissolve in water.

    Lemon Powder Benefits

    Lemon powder is rich in vitamin C, which has the effect of inhibiting the production of melanin. Drinking more can help the skin resist ultraviolet rays. The large amount of citric acid contained in lemon powder prevents and eliminates skin pigmentation. Além disso, after the vitamin of lemon is absorbed by the skin, it can keep the skin shiny and delicate. Lemons are rich in vitamins and have certain auxiliary effects on improving blood pressure, soothing nerves, helping digestion and decomposing toxins in the body. Lemon powder is good for reducing fat and reducing blood viscosity.

    Lemon Powder for Weight Loss

    1. Add 10g of pure lemon powder to 1000g of water and put it in the refrigerator. The temperature is lower and it is easy to have a cool and refreshing feeling.
    2. Drink at least 3000g of lemonade every day, no special diet or abstain from snacks, but lemonade must be added from time to time.
    3. It must be matched with 15 minutes of exercise every day. It does not need to be continued. The dispersion time can also help perspiration. The purpose is to eliminate harmful substances in the body.
    【Mask】Take 5-10g of lemon powder, mix with water or egg white or milk into a paste, apply evenly on the face, wash off after 20 minutos.
    【Bubble Bath】Sprinkle about 10g of lemon powder into the bathtub, it can shrink the skin of the whole body, supply nutrition, fragrant the body, whiten and moisturize the skin.
    【Drinking】 Take about 1~3g of lemon powder and brew it with hot water, it becomes a cup of sour lemon juice, if you add honey, it tastes even better!

    Lemon Juice Powder Uses

    Lemon Juice Powder has been widely used at medicine and health products, health nutrition, comida infantil, solid beverages, lacticínios, instant food, comida inchada, condiments, alimentos de meia idade e idosos, baked food, snack food, cold food and cold drinks, etc.

    lemon Juice powder

    Where could you buy lemon powder?

    At Best Nutras, you could find the premium lemon powder, organic lemon powder and even dried lemon slice used for teas and beverage. We could offer free samples for your testing if you are interested in any of our products. Bem-vindo para nos enviar um inquérito em [email protected].

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