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Proibições NMN da Amazon

Marchar 10, 2023

What Happened to NMN?

All NMN businesses using Amazon’s platform received a notice on February 16. In their letter, they write thatManufacturers or merchants in the United States may no longer sell or distribute products that include NMN as a dietary supplement.” Como resultado, NMN is no longer accessible on Amazon’s website.

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What does it mean to consumers Since the Amazon ban on NMN?

Beginning in March 2023, customers won’t be able to purchase NMN products on Amazon. Those that depend on Amazon will undoubtedly experience tremendous discomfort as a result of this shift. They will now need to look into alternative sources of NMN products.

Several industry watchdogs claim that the news has a positive side. In the end, there will be a major reduction in the number of counterfeit brands made in China. The majority of these brands utilize chemical factories with uncertain purity levels to manufacture low-grade NMN products. The Amazon prohibition will stop these bogus NMN sellers from preying on gullible consumers. Consumers will be guarded against potentially harmful items by simply eliminating their direct sales channel, which is frequently the only one in the United States.

Did Amazon ban NMN due to a safety issue?

Não, safety concerns are unrelated to Amazon’s decision to ban NMN sales. The FDA controversially revoked NMN’s prior designation as a dietary supplement on November 4, 2022, and excluded it from the definition of a dietary supplement. This choice was made in light of the ongoing research into NMN as a possible medication. Como resultado, Amazon has chosen to discontinue the selling of NMN goods on its marketplace.

Although safety concerns were not a factor in Amazon’s decision to ban NMN items, it is important to remember that they have in the past. The main complaints are about fake NMN supplements that are primarily marketed on Amazon and have poor purity levels, no stability studies, and no GMP certification. Ainda, we advise customers to keep a positive outlook and carry on including NMN supplements in their regular health and wellness routines. Just make sure you buy them from known, reliable companies.

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Where to buy safe NMN products after Amazon’s removal?

After Amazon’s restriction, we anticipate that consumers will still be able to purchase NMN. Numerous reputable companies, Curti Bestnutras, have a thorough understanding of NAD precursors and support their supplements with clinical studies. Customers can rely on these reliable vendors to deliver high-quality NMN goods that are both safe and efficient.

Why did Amazon ban sales of NMN products at its store?

Because of an FDA letter declaring that NMN will no longer be regarded as a dietary supplement as of November 2023, Amazon has decided to stop selling NMN goods in its site. The FDA has reversed its earlier ruling in this case. Their claimed motivation is to safeguard a pharmaceutical company’s application for a patented NMN medication. It is disappointing that Amazon prioritizes the pharmaceutical industry’s interests over the health and happiness of its consumers, many of whom use NMN pills as part of their daily regimen.

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Our Guiding Principles

  • We take all measures to ensure that our customers receive a safe and stable supplement that accredited third-party labs test for purity. We produce our product at facilities certified for Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP).
  • One of the largest human clinical trials to date used the NMN that we sourced for our products. The ensuing toxicological study indicates that NMN at 900mg per day is well-tolerated based on several health markers.
  • We respect each person’s right to decide how to manage their own wellness. In nations where consumer rights are prioritized over pharmaceutical firmsinterests, we will distribute our NMN goods outside of the Amazon prohibition. As a dietary supplement, we will continue to sell Pó NMN or NMN Supplements.

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