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Os benefícios do pó MCT

Marchar 23, 2022

MCT – nome científico triglicerídeo de cadeia média, é um ácido graxo saturado. Comparado com ácidos graxos de cadeia longa (mais do que 12 átomos de carbono, comumente sebo e banha) comumente encontrado na dieta geral, ácidos graxos de cadeia média são moléculas compostas por 6 para 12 átomos de carbono. Ácidos graxos com menos átomos de carbono significam digestão e uso mais fáceis pelo corpo. Simplificando, MCT can be quickly metabolized into ketone bodies by the liver without going through the lymphatic system, providing energy to the body, and it is not easy to be stored as fat.


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In medical research, Pó MCT has been proven to bring us the following benefits:

1. Accelerating fat loss

MCT (medium chain triglyceride) metabolizes about 6 times faster than LCT (long chain triglyceride), it is not easy to form fat accumulation, and it can also increase satiety, which is conducive to the development of our weight loss business .

2. Protecting brain health

MCT can be quickly metabolized into ketone bodies, and ketone bodies can cross the blood-brain barrier, providing an endless stream of energy for the brain.
MCT also be called-the ‘food’that the brain prefers”.
Ketone bodies can provide energy for most cells in the body, especially our brain. More and more studies have also found that our brain needs sugar, but ketone bodies can also provide energy to the brain, And it is more suitable for powering the brain. MCTs can easily cross the blood-brain barrier in the brain, so MCTs can provide a direct source of energy to the brain by producing ketone bodies.
For patients with type 1 diabetes, this allows patients to maintain good brain function during episodes of hypoglycemia and to keep blood sugar levels stable. One study found that ketone bodies activate a regulatory protein in the brain: brain-derived neurotrophic growth factor (BDNF). This special protein repairs, protects and enhances brain cells and neural network function, as well as stimulates the growth of new, healthy neurons.
New brain cells replace aging brain cells, which is important in preventing and relieving neurodegenerative diseases like dementia.

3. Improving sports performance

MCT can also reduce the fatigue caused by sports, which is the main reason why MCT can be popular in the fitness circle.
Além disso, MCTs have many other benefits, Incluindo: lowering serum triglycerides, improving insulin sensitivity, e mais. Because of MCT’s high absorption and energy supply rate, it has become an ideal fuel for many exercisers. Using MCT before and after exercise can increase exercise performance and prevent protein breakdown to promote muscle building.
In one experiment, researchers divided subjects into two groups: one group ate a meal containing 45 grams of MCTs, and the other ate a meal containing 45 grams of LCTs in the form of corn oil.
The researchers measured the rate of aerobic consumption 6 hours after the subjectsmeals. And the study found that the MCT diet group increased aerobic consumption by 12%, which was about 3 times that of the LCT diet group.
Além disso, postprandial blood triglyceride levels increased by 68% in the LCT diet group, whereas postprandial blood triglyceride levels did not increase in the MCT diet group.

4. Control appetite and lose weight

MCT can also suppress appetite, which is simply good news for those who can’t control themselves and eat fat too much.
In a 14-day study, six healthy male volunteers were divided into three groups: a low-MCT diet, a moderate-MCT diet, and a high-MCT diet, which volunteers could eat without restriction. It was found that the calorie intake of food in the high MCT diet group was significantly the lowest, naturally consuming 256 less calories per day.
The researchers propose that replacing a portion of other fats with MCTs in a high-fat diet can limit excess energy intake.

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