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    Product Name: Best Ecdysterone Supplement
    Active Ingredient: Ecdysterone
    Spec.: Extract standardized to 95% complexed with Hydroxypropyl B Cyclodextrin
    Test Method: TLC
    Unit Count: 60, 90, or 120 capsules for 1000mg/capsule
    Application: Sport nutrition
    Samples: 10-20g for Ecdysterone powder; capsules could be offered based on the quantity required
    Label: private label service available
    Email: [email protected]

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    Ecdysterone: What Is It?

    Spinach is one of many plants and insects that naturally contain the ecdysteroid chemical ecdysterone. It’s primarily consumed as a supplement to enhance sports performance and muscular growth.
    According to some research, it may make it easier for people to gain lean muscle mass, as well as boost their strength and power, within the span of two to three months.
    Other names for ecdysterone supplements include spinach extract, alfa-ecdysone, beta-ecdysterone, and 20-hydroxy-ecdysterone.


    Regarding to Our Best Ecdysterone Supplement:
    NATURAL ANABOLIC AGENT: Due to its strong anabolic potential, ecdysterone is one of the most well-known natural supplements for growing muscle. The effects of this testosterone-boosting substance is backed by science and fitness experts. Our top-notch supplement is created in the USA, in a facility that is registered with the FDA.
    LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH: According to research, ecdysterone has a very high anabolic activity that boosts your lean muscle gains even after years of training, making it ideal for bodybuilders, athletes, and beginners alike.
    MUSCLE RECOVERY: In addition to promoting muscle growth, this supplement is also highly effective in promoting muscle tissue repair and recovery, allowing you to increase your performance.
    CLINICALLY DOSED: This product contains 500mg of high-quality ecdysterone and 500mg of cyclodextrin each serving. Compared to rivals, this exclusive recipe is more layered, so you receive the most value for your money.
    ENHANCED ABSORPTION: We are now the only business that offers ecdysterone combined with cyclodextrin for improved absorption. Because of our improved absorption technique, the product will start working faster, resulting in faster effects and outcomes.

    ecdysterone for muscle

    Does ecdysterone really work?

    Due to the fact that this substance has just recently become more widely accessible to the general public as a supplement, there haven’t been many trustworthy research concentrating on it. Here is what we know about its possible benefits based on the study and testimonies that are available:

    1. Might Promote Muscle Growth

    When you continuously perform strength-training workouts, ecdysterone may make it simpler for you to gain muscle mass because it is known to aid enhance protein synthesis. It has a high “anabolic ratio,” according to some research, which suggests that it might help to increase:

    • stimulation of muscle cell formation (anabolism)
    • protein synthesis from amino acids
    • red blood cell production
    • bone remodeling and growth

    2. Could Improve Athletic Performance

    Athletes and bodybuilders like ecdysteroid pills because they not only help build muscle but also make recovery easier. Due to rumors that Russian Olympic competitors utilized beta-ecdysone, it was once referred to as the “Russian secret.”

    3. Could Possibly Increase Insulin Sensitivity

    Ecdysterone supplements may promote metabolic health, particularly by reducing insulin resistance, hyperglycemia (high blood sugar, which is linked to type 2 diabetes), and obesity, according to at least one animal study, though further research on this subject is needed.
    The 2009 study revealed evidence that treating obesity and insulin resistance in rats with daily oral ecdysterone treatment at levels of 10 milligrams per kilogram of body weight for 13 weeks was effective. These rats were fed a high-fat diet, yet supplementation appeared to reduce body weight gain and body fat accumulation significantly when compared to untreated animals.

    4. May Boost Immune System Performance

    The body may benefit from the adaptogenic properties of ecdysteroids, which may help it deal with stress and infections. The following are some possible methods by which this substance might promote immunological and homeostatic function:

    • growing amount of red blood cells
    • enhancing sleep quality
    • supporting heart health and blood flow
    • promoting the growth of bone
    • antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

    ecdysterone supplement

    Ecdysterone Supplement Dosage

    The dosage of beta-ecdysterone varies based on who is using the supplement. There isn’t currently a recommended dosage guideline, thus it’s critical to carefully follow the product’s instructions.
    Low doses between 12 and 45 milligrams per day have been administered safely for roughly 10 weeks in investigations. This amount has been shown to be enough to promote gains in muscle mass when coupled with consistent strength training.
    The use of cyclodextrin may facilitate absorption and provide additional advantages.
    However, some claim that consuming doses as high as 500 mg to 1,000 mg per day led to positive benefits. While bigger doses might result in greater gains in strength and muscle growth, they also carry a greater danger.

    Why do you Choose Ecdysterone Supplement from Best Nutras?

    1) The products Best Nutras supplies are directly manufactured by our own factory, eliminating intermediate traders. We process the traceability of raw materials and finished products. The manufacturing process is supervised. We strictly adhere to the quality standard and procurement process.
    2)We are proud of our several year’s experience of in the deep processing and production of plant extracts. We manufacture more than 500 kinds of products every year, and the provided quantity exceeds 2000 tons, which serves 80% of the traders in US.
    3) We carry qualifications, like, SC Food Production License, HALAL, HACCP, Certificate of Origin, Organic Certification, and Kosher.
    Welcome to send an inquiry at [email protected] about our Best Ecdysterone Supplement.



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