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  • Bio-Spinatpulver

    Produkt: Spinatpulver
    lateinischer Name: Spinacia oleracea L.
    Spezifikation: 80 Gittergewebe, 5:1, 10:1, 5% Beta-Ecdysteron
    Teil: Blatt
    Aussehen:Grünes feines Pulver
    Quelle: Grünes Gemüse/natürliche Pflanze, Reichhaltige Vitamine und Mineralstoffe, Gut zum Abnehmen;
    Paket: 25kg/Fass;
    Proben: Erhältlich, Large stock, fast delivery;
    Kontakt:[email protected]


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    Was wissen Sie über Spinat??


    1. Nutritional value of spinach
    Spinach stems and leaves are soft and tender, lecker und frisch, reich an Vitamin C, Carotin, Eiweiß, und Mineralien wie Eisen, Kalzium, und Phosphor. Zusätzlich zum Verzehr von frischem Gemüse, es kann auch dehydriert werden, getrocknet und tiefgefroren.
    2. Pflanzliche Rohfaser: Spinach contains a lot of vegetable crude fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis, facilitate defecation, and can promote pancreatic secretion and help digestion. For hemorrhoids, chronic pancreatitis, constipation, anal fissures and other diseases;
    3. Carotene: The carotene contained in spinach is converted into vitamin A in the human body, which can maintain normal vision and the health of epithelial cells, increase the ability to prevent infectious diseases, and promote the growth and development of children;
    4. Carotenoid substances: Spinach protects eyesight mainly due to a carotenoid substance it contains, which can prevent retinal damage caused by sunlight.
    Eating spinach 2 zu 4 times a week can reduce the risk of retinal degeneration. The content of protein, riboflavin, Eisen, phosphorus and other inorganic salts in spinach is also higher than that of many vegetables, and these components have health care effects on the eyes.
    5. Kalzium: Spinach is rich in carotene, Vitamin C, Kalzium, phosphorus and a certain amount of beneficial components such as iron and vitamin E, which can supply a variety of nutrients to the human body; its iron content is beneficial to iron-deficiency anemia. Better adjuvant therapy effect;
    6. Microelements: The microelements contained in spinach can promote human metabolism and improve health. Eating a lot of spinach can reduce the risk of stroke;
    7. Insulin-like substances: Spinach leaves contain an insulin-like substance, which is very similar to insulin in mammals, so diabetics (especially those with type 2 diabetes may wish to eat spinach regularly to keep blood sugar stable in the body).
    8. Antioxidantien: Spinach contains large antioxidants, which have anti-aging and promote cell proliferation, which can not only activate brain function but also enhance youthful vitality. Spinach has a certain effect on preventing brain aging. Experiments have shown that eating more spinach can help reduce the common memory loss of the elderly.
    9. Protein: The protein content of spinach is higher than other vegetables, and it contains a considerable amount of chlorophyll, especially vitamin K, which is the highest in leafy vegetables (mostly in the roots), and can be used for adjuvant treatment of epistaxis and intestinal bleeding. The reason why spinach nourishes blood is related to its rich carotenoid ascorbic acid, both of which have important effects on health and blood.
    10. Folic acid: Spinach contains a very important vitamin, Folsäure. Pregnant women eat more spinach, which is conducive to the development of fetal brain nerves and prevents birth defects.
    11. Eisen: Spinach is rich in iron, which can improve iron-deficiency anemia. It can make people look ruddy and radiant, so it is highly regarded as a beauty product.
    12. Vitamin B family: The rich content of B vitamins enables it to prevent the occurrence of vitamin deficiencies such as angular cheilitis and night blindness. Zusätzlich, spinach also contains a large amount of vitamin E and selenium, which have anti-aging and promoting cell proliferation.
    13. Vitamin C: The content of vitamin C in spinach is as high as that of other vegetables. Regular consumption can maintain normal vision of the eyes and prevent night blindness.
    14. Enzymes: The enzymes contained in spinach have a good effect on the secretion function of the stomach and pancreas. It is suitable for high blood pressure and diabetes patients (spinach root is especially suitable for diabetic patients).
    15. Magnesium: Spinach contains magnesium, if the daily intake of magnesium is less than 280 mg, people will feel tired. The function in the human body is to convert the carbohydrates in the muscles into usable energy, so eating some spinach has a good effect of relieving fatigue, and it is a rare anti-drowsiness vegetable in spring.

    Was ist Spinatpulver?

    Spinach powder is probably most famous as a great source of iron. Just 100 grams of spinach contains about 2.7 milligrams of iron which is concentrated in powder form. Years ago, there was a myth that spinach contained far more iron, leading to spinach’s star role as Popeye’s food of choice. Now we know that it won’t make you grow massive biceps, but Popeye was onto something. Proper iron content in the body has numerous benefits such as more energy, athletic performance and better immune health. Spinach Powder is the perfect way to consume a low calorie food that is loaded with tons of beneficial nutrients for the body. One serving of spinach gives your body over three times the recommended daily value of vitamin A which is helpful to boost your immunity. And organic spinach powder is a superfood you definitely want in your kitchen.

    Organic Spinach powder COA

    Spinatpulver COA

    Organic Spinach Powder benefits


    1. Clear bowel and laxative: Spinatpulver ist reich an Öl, which can lubricate the bowel, clean up the garbage in the bowel, and promote peristalsis in the bowel. It can play an important role in clearing bowel and laxative when people eat it.
    2. Linderung von Schleim und Linderung von Husten: There are some natural medicinal ingredients in spinach powder, which can eliminate inflammation in the human body, and can expand the trachea, dilute sputum, and relieve the symptoms of coughing and phlegm as soon as possible. Zusätzlich, spinach seed powder is also a natural Chinese medicinal material. Es kann in den Lungenmeridian eintreten, relieve lung heat or lung dryness, and also has a certain therapeutic effect on human pneumonia and tuberculosis.
    3. Tonikum für Qi und Blut: Spinach powder is a food with a very high iron content. People can absorb and utilize the trace element iron as soon as possible after eating it, which can meet the needs of the human hematopoietic system for this substance. In diesem Fall, the human body Symptoms of blood loss and anemia can be significantly reduced.
    4. Kalzium- und Knochenstärkung: Spinach powder not only contains trace elements of iron, but also rich in trace elements of calcium and phosphorus, which can meet the needs of calcium and phosphorus in the normal development of human bones. People can put spinach seeds when they need it. The powder is directly mixed with boiling water and eaten.
    5.Fördern Sie die wachsende Entwicklung und verbessern Sie die Krankheitsresistenz. Das Carotin kann im Körper zu Vitamin A werden und die Gesundheit der Augen und des Epithels erhalten.
    6.Garantieren Sie Nährstoffe, um die Gesundheit des Körpers zu verbessern. Es enthält viele Nährstoffe wie Carotin, Vitamin C & E Kalzium, Phosphor, Coenzym Q10 usw. Das im Spinat enthaltene Fe kann helfen, eine Fe-Mangel-Anämie zu heilen.

    Spinatpulver verwendet

    1.Fügen Sie Spinatpulver zu Smoothies hinzu, um einen zusätzlichen Nährstoffschub zu erhalten.
    2.Spinatpulver in Saucen mischen, Dressings und Dips.
    3.Verwenden Sie Spinatpulver, um Omeletts Farbe und Nährstoffe hinzuzufügen, frittatas, und Rührei. Spinatpulver am Ende des Garvorgangs in pürierte Suppen einrühren.
    4.Etwas Spinatpulver in Brot- und Nudelteige geben.

    Wo finden Sie den besten Anbieter von Spinatpulver??

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