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What is Turkesterone?

June 7, 2022

What is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is an ecdysone. Ecdysone is a steroid hormone commonly found in arthropods and insects, but may also be present in some plant species.

Turkesterone natural

Tuksterone is primarily derived from the Ajuga Sinensis plant, but can also be extracted from a variety of other plant species most commonly found on the African continent.

Does Turkesterone Work?

So far, there have been only a few studies on Turkesterone, but the results are encouraging. These studies suggest that Turkesterone may help promote lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, improve protein synthesis, and aid in muscle hypertrophy and strength.
These effects imply that Turkesterone may act as an agonist of the receptor, triggering anabolic and adaptive responses, and the underlying fat and carbohydrate metabolic effects may contribute to fat loss and maintenance of healthy body composition.
It must be noted, however, that these preliminary studies were conducted on animals, not humans. Whether the full range of effects experienced by animals will also be experienced by humans remains to be determined.

How Much Turkesterone Should I take?

However, a preliminary human study showed that athletes who took 800 mg of Turkesterone daily for 10 weeks reported that muscle hypertrophy and strength increased, and gained an average of 3.2 kg of lean muscle mass over 10 weeks.
All currently available supplements of Turkesterone recommend a daily dose of 500 mg to 1000 mg per day.
Due to the lack of scientific consensus on recommended doses, caution is advised and adherence to a daily dose of Turkesterone of approximately 10 mg per kilogram of lean body mass.
(ref: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31123801/)

Ajuga turkestanika extract

When Should I take Turkesterone?

The timing of the administration of Turkesterone in humans is uncertain.
No studies currently support any particular dosing regimen, and the above-mentioned human studies did not specify the number, size, or timing of doses.
All brands of Turkesterone supplements currently on the market recommend splitting your daily intake into 2 separate doses.
Therefore, it is recommended to always adhere to a daily intake of about 10 mg of Turkesterone per kilogram of lean body mass, preferably at the same time every day, to develop a habit of taking it.

How long does Turkesterone take to work?

Most of the research on the effects of Turkesterone is the result of medium to long-term use over a period of weeks to months. Interestingly, however, users of Turkesterone report significant effects within a few days (important for improving memory, immunity, stamina, and worry-free). Most Turkesterone products should take 2-4 weeks to start working.

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