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Why is NMN So Popular?

April 18, 2023

NMN improves blood NAD+ levels and prevents age-related illnesses in animal models.
Humans’ bodies can produce more NAD at youthful levels thanks to NMN. This can prevent all the negative effects of getting older. The increase in energy that NMN provides is among its most frequently mentioned advantages.
The popularity of NMN theme is the inevitable result of the blessing of multiple factors. The field of nutrition and health has stepped into the intersection of technological innovation and healthy consumption. It is believed that the next hot concept in the capital market will appear in the industry, and concepts and companies with basic strength are expected to “fly into the sky” again.

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So what are the multiple factors that caused NMN’s “popularity”? As industry researchers, we found that there are three direct reasons and three further reasons.

There are three direct reasons for nmn popularity.

First, cross-border e-commerce has opened up channels to enter the market.

Products like NMN enter the multinational market through cross-border e-commerce. Everyone knows that the approval of health food is extremely difficult; even for products that have matured abroad, it will take a long time and burden to apply for registration or filing through traditional methods. Big risk. Because of the cross-border e-commerce channel, popular products such as NMN can appear in many countries around the world simultaneously.

Second, community marketing spreads consumption value.

Community e-commerce can also be called online community marketing. This is a brand new marketing model, which allows product information that is valuable to consumers to spread to the world and group evidence in small social circles by passing the traditional food functional advertising regulatory defense. Because of the model of social e-commerce, richer and more intuitive NMN product information can be saturated and disseminated among target groups.

Third, the capital market provides an endorsement of trust.

For any new product to be accepted by consumers, it must first solve the problem of trust, so it is even more prominent in the hardest hit area of trust crisis, nutrition and health food. This little-known NMN unexpectedly became popular in the second half of this year, because the hype in the capital market formed NMN concept stocks, which made the extremely rational elites in the investment circle become early loyal consumers. endorsed.


The deeper reasons for nmn popularity can also be summarized into three points.

First, the need for consumption upgrades.

In the past, health food focused on functional regulation or nutritional supplementation. These concepts are very outdated and no longer appealing, and the causes of almost all chronic diseases and many diseases are related to human aging. Therefore, when the “longevity drug” concept appeared, it aroused high attention and brave attempts, to meet the need of upgrading healthy consumption.

Second, the demand to restart the market.

As we all know, 2019 has been too difficult. The market is basically on the brakes. Some business types are basically in shock, and some business types are seriously shrinking. Therefore, new concepts and new products are urgently needed to stimulate the market to regain enthusiasm. NMN is a new product, immortality is a new concept, and its entry into the market at the right moment acts as an accelerator to revive the market.

Three, the demand to alleviate panic.

The epidemic with high contagiousness and no specific medicine has become normalized, causing serious psychological shadows and even a sense of fear to people. How can this fear be resolved? Immunity concept products such as VC are selling well, and once became the straw that consumers are looking for. The emergence of the concept of “immortality” has helped some people alleviate their fear of being infected or losing their lives on a deeper level.

Future Market Development Expectations of NMN

Based on the above analysis, we are sure that the NMN market will develop further, maybe a little faster or a little slower, all of which depend on the self-efforts of leading companies and the industry.

At present, although the scientific mechanism of NMN is clear, the standardization of raw material production, the safety of use, the effectiveness of products, the scientificity of publicity, and how to meet the requirements of domestic market supervision all need to be resolved through more scientific research.

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