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How Your Skin Benefits from Matcha?

July 8, 2022

Everyone likes green tea. Many tea friends ask us about the effects and benefits of matcha powder. Below we will introduce you in detail:
Many people don’t know the difference between raw green tea powder and matcha powder. In fact, matcha powder is a kind of tea drink that emerged in China and became really popular in Japan. Japan will also carry forward the matcha powder and use the developed matcha powder. It could be made into matcha cake, matcha milk tea, matcha ice cream, etc. Matcha powder, which could also be even brewed into a tea drink, which has rich nutrients that could conquer you.

matcha green powder

Then What are the benefits of Matcha powder?

Protects your eyes

Matcha powder contains a large amount of provitamin A. After this substance can enter the human body, it can be converted into a large amount of vitamin A after combining with other nutrients. Everyone knows that vitamin A has a great effect on the eyes of the human body. To enhance vision and protect the eyes.

Protects teeth

Matcha powder contains a lot of fluoride ions. In addition to being an essential nutritional trace element for the human body, fluoride ions can also fully act on the teeth and other bone fats of the human body through fluoride ions to prevent osteoporosis and enhance bone density. , as well as the efficacy and role of protecting dental health.

Protects skin

Properly brewing matcha powder can absorb a large amount of vitamin C from matcha powder. In addition to adding enough physical and mental strength to the body, vitamin C can also protect the skin, nourish the skin, and effectively prevent the skin from being exposed to ultraviolet rays. Infringement plays a role in preventing skin aging.

Protect the kidneys

Through a large amount of caffeine and theophylline in matcha powder, it can fully act on the kidneys in the human body, improve the filtration rate of the glomeruli, play a role in clearing urine, enhance kidney function, and also allow the long-term accumulation in the kidneys. The toxins and wastes are excreted as soon as possible to protect the kidneys.

When drinking matcha powder, you can take an appropriate amount, put it in a cup, and then add boiling water, stir with a spoon or chopsticks while adding the boiling water, wait until the matcha powder is fully melted, and you can get the authentic matcha taste, I didn’t expect that after drinking it, matcha powder can still play such outstanding effects and functions. It’s not too late, everyone brews it now.

matcha for skin care

How Your Skin Benefits from Green Matcha Powder?

1. Green matcha powder contains tea polyphenols, vitamins E and C that prevent cell aging, which can activate cells and maintain beauty.

2. Dr. AbdulDulloo of the University of Geneva, Switzerland, recently published a research report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, proving that green tea can accelerate the consumption of calories, especially fat, and it is really helpful for weight loss! Matcha mask: Use rich in Matcha with Vitamin C. You can make your own mask. It has a good whitening effect on the skin. Compared to lemon, which is also rich in vitamin C. Matcha does not acidic. Does not irritate the skin and has the effect of anti-Inflammation. In addition, the tannins contained in matcha can shrink the skin and help to nourish the skin.

3. In addition to whitening the skin. Matcha also has a bactericidal effect. Therefore, the matcha mask has special effects on acne suppuration. Touch the skin after making the matcha mask. It will feel smooth on the skin.

4. Some ingredients in matcha powder can effectively absorb ultraviolet rays, inhibit the activation of melanocytes, and inhibit the formation of free radicals; On the other hand, tea polyphenols are also good free radical scavengers, which can prevent lipid oxidation, thereby reducing pigmentation calm. It can also inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and catalase that cause skin blackening, freckles, brown spots, and age spots, thereby effectively inhibiting the production of scars and pigments. Therefore, matcha powder has an obvious effect on skin whitening.

How to Choose the Best Matcha Powder?

1. Color

Pure natural matcha powder, the greener the color, the higher the grade, and the lower grade is of the yellow-green color.

2. Fineness

Usually, the finer the better, and the ones above 1000 mesh are better.

3. Fragrancy

The higher the grade of matcha, the more fragrant, elegant, and free of miscellaneous odors.

4. Taste

The higher the grade of matcha, the fresher the taste.

Where to buy matcha powder?

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