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Wild Blueberry Powder

Wild Blueberries differ from cultivated blueberries mainly because they are not planted but instead they are spread. The hardy lowbush Wild Blueberries thrive in harsh environments, meaning that they develop a high level of antioxidants that the cultivated blueberries don’t require to survive. Wild Blueberry Powder 100g Energy Fat Saturates Carbs Sugars Fibre Protein Salt 1509 kJ 5.0g 0.5g 63.5g 37.4g 22.7g …

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How to Use Blueberry Powder?

Blueberry Freeze Dried Powder Freeze dried blueberry powder for baking adds the flavor, aroma, and nutritional benefits of this delicious and healthy fruit to baked goods, desserts, and beverages. The powdered ingredient is perfect for adding the taste of fresh blueberries to dry mixes as well as cakes, fillings, ice cream, and even sauces or dips. The rich coloring makes …