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How to Use Blueberry Powder?

April 21, 2022

Blueberry Freeze Dried Powder

blueberry powder

Freeze dried blueberry powder for baking adds the flavor, aroma, and nutritional benefits of this delicious and healthy fruit to baked goods, desserts, and beverages. The powdered ingredient is perfect for adding the taste of fresh blueberries to dry mixes as well as cakes, fillings, ice cream, and even sauces or dips. The rich coloring makes our blue/violet dried blueberry powder a great choice for creating frostings and icings that will delight the eye as well as the palate.
The easy to use bulk blueberry powder formulation can be used as a flavorful and decorative dusting powder, as well as ensuring easy mixing into beverages, yogurt, oatmeal, and dips. Our healthy blueberry powder is freeze dried to preserve the high concentration of nutrients found in fresh blueberries, including antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and phytonutrients.

Benefits of Blueberry Powder

1. Protecting eyesight

Studies have found that taking blueberry powder can reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration by 38%.

2. Preventing constipation

1 cup of fresh blueberries contains about 4 grams of dietary fiber, which is 14% of the daily intake of dietary fiber. The water-soluble dietary fiber in blueberries can promote intestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation.

3. Enhancing immunity

Studies have found that blueberry powder contains far more antioxidants than other fresh vegetables and fruits. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals in the body and strengthen the immune system.

4. Reducing the belly

The polyphenols rich in blueberry powder can break down belly fat and help with weight control. In addition, blueberries are low in calories and do not cause weight gain.

5. Improving brain power

Dried blueberry powder as a snack can boost brain activity. A new study finds that flavonoids rich in blueberries can alleviate age-related memory decline.

6. Good for Heart Health

Blueberry powder contains ingredients that help dilate blood vessels, thereby reducing the risk of blood clots and heart disease. Studies have found that taking more than 5 servings of blueberry powder per week can reduce the risk of heart disease.

7. Lowering blood sugar

Taking blueberry powder for diabetics can help regulate blood sugar levels. Eating 5 servings of low-glycemic index fruits such as blueberries per week for two months can significantly improve blood sugar regulation.

8. Strengthening bones

Blueberry powder is rich in the trace element manganese, which plays a key role in bone development. Studies have found that children who like to eat blueberries have higher bone density than children who do not eat blueberries.

9. Cancer Prevention

The anthocyanins in blueberry powder can inhibit the growth of tumor cells, and eating half a cup a day can achieve anti-cancer effects.

How Much Blueberry Powder Should I Take?

A new study in the United Kingdom says that taking blueberry powder regularly can help heart health, and taking 1-2 tablespoons of blueberry powder a day can effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Scientists say that blueberries are so effective because they are rich in anthocyanins.
Anthocyanins are natural antioxidants that protect the lining of blood vessels and improve blood circulation. Looking at the impact of this study on a person’s life, it is certain that eating a moderate amount of blueberries every day can help prevent cardiovascular disease and even reduce the incidence by 20%.

Blueberry Powder is Perfect for Cooking

Our blueberry powder is a perfect way to easily add nutritious wild blueberries to your diet. Be inventive and add it to your favorite recipes.
BestNutras Blueberry powder is also suitable for baking. It gives your food perfect vibrant color and surprises your family with a serious burst of real blueberry flavor.
Be sure to seal the package properly after each use to keep the powder from clumping and to preserve the highest quality of nutrients.
blueberry smoothie

Your Favorite Recipes

  • Smoothie-mixing the wild blueberry powder in your favorite smoothies. BestNutras’ wide range of berry powders has different flavors that create unique combinations with your favorite fruits and vegetables. It’s so much fun to play around with flavors, colors, and textures when it comes to smoothies.
  • Yogurt- Adding a superfood boost to your daily diet is to add a spoonful of blueberry powder to your yogurt. For instance, it is a perfect way to add antioxidants, vitamins, and fibers, especially if you have a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to play around with more advanced and time-consuming recipes.
  • Porridge, oatmeal-Oats are among the healthiest grains on earth. They’re a gluten-free whole grain and a great source of important vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Studies show that oats and oatmeal have many health benefits. Wild blueberry powder is an easy way to make your oatmeal more exciting. Just try!
  • Cupcakes, pancakes, cheesecakes, pound cakes-You’ll love the color and delicious flavor with our blueberry powder added for the bakery products.

blueberry bakery powder

For greater nutritional benefit we recommend ingesting 1-2 tbsp. of wild blueberry powder per day for 2-3 weeks. Sprinkle a scoop of nutritious blueberry powder on your food and give new life to a boring, ordinary breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

What kind of blueberry powder bestnutras could offer?

We, BestNutras teams, have been working at the R&D of blueberry powder for years and you may look for other blueberry powder for different flavors. We could offer:
-Wild blueberry powder
-Freeze Dried Blueberry Powder
-Blueberry Protein Powder
-Blueberry Powder for Baking
-Blueberry powder supplement

Welcome to send us an inquiry at [email protected] for more details.

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