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Sophora Japonica Extract

In a broad sense, Sophora japonica refers to the flowers and buds of the leguminous plant Sophora japonica L., but the open flowers are generally called “Sophora japonica”. Sophora japonica has a good ornamental value. Every time the midsummer flowering period comes, a string of white Sophora japonica flowers are covered with branches, and the air is filled with a …

Quercetin Powder

Quercetin Powder

What’s Quercetin Powder? Quercetin is classified as a flavonol, one of six subclasses of flavonoids that are widely distributed in plants. The name Quercetin has been in use since 1857, derived from the Latin “Quercetum”, which means oak forest. In studies, quercetin powder has been found to have a variety of biological properties, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, free radical …

Possibility of Quercetin in COVID-19 Treatment

Possibility of Quercetin in COVID-19 Treatment

With the outbreak of the new corona virus, the new coronary pneumonia continues to spread around the world, and researchers are busy researching effective treatment methods. According to an article in the journal Nature on February 15, 2020, more than 80 clinical trials are currently testing remedies, including intravenous vitamin C, stem cells from menstrual blood, HIV drugs and malaria drugs. …

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