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Can Quercetin prevent coronavirus?

How Quercetin Inhibits Viral Infections? Among the many properties of quercetin, the most well-studied is its antiviral ability, which is mainly due to three mechanisms of action: A U.S. Department of Defense-funded study, published in 2007, found that quercetin may reduce the risk of viral illness during times of extreme physical stress (extreme physical stress may impair immune function, making …

Quercetin Powder

Quercetin Powder

What’s Quercetin Powder? Quercetin is classified as a flavonol, one of six subclasses of flavonoids that are widely distributed in plants. The name Quercetin has been in use since 1857, derived from the Latin “Quercetum”, which means oak forest. In studies, quercetin powder has been found to have a variety of biological properties, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, free radical …