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  • Blackberry Powder

    Product Name: Blackberry Powder
    Plant Source:Graptopetalum blackberry
    Appearance:Purple Red Powder
    Particle size: 60mesh-80mesh
    MOQ: 1KG
    Free Sample: 15-20g
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    What is Blackberry Powder?

    Blackberry, also calls the dewberry, country of origin in North America, belongs to the rosaceae raspberries perennial liana, begin from one thousand years ago in ancient Greece, the locals has formed by the custom of barbed wild blackberry, is the representative of the world by storm in recent years, the third generation of fruit varieties, the United Nations food and agriculture organization recognized the third generation of new special fruit, also the European and American countries hailed as “the fruit of life”, “black diamond”. Blackberry is not easy to preserve, must be cleaned within 4 hours after picking sterilization freeze preservation, otherwise a large number of nutrients loss and fermentation deterioration, therefore, we use blackberry through high-tech processing into blackberry powder, it’s very easy to preserve and transport, Moreover, the blueberry powder retains the nutrition and taste of the blackberry to the highest degree, and is easy to process and eat.

    blackberry fruit

    Blackberry Powder COA

    Physical & Chemical
    Appearance Purple-red Fine Powder Complies
    Odor Characteristic Complies
    Particle Size 60-80 Mesh 95% pass 60mesh
    Moisture ≤5.0% 2.06%
    Ash ≤5.0% 3.15%
    Heavy Metal
    As ≤2ppm <2ppm
    Pb ≤2ppm <2ppm
    Microbiological Test
    Total Plate Count ≤3,000cfu/g 620cfu/g
    Yeast & Mold ≤100cfu/g 65cfu/g
    Coliform ≤30 MPN/100g <30 MPN/100g
    E.Coil Negative Negative
    Salmonella Negative Negative
    Staphylococcus aureus Negative Negative
    Conclusion: Conform with specification
    Storage: Keep in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat
    Packing By 25kgs/Drum,inner by plastic bag
    Shelf life: Two Years under the above condition, and in it’s original package

    blackberry juice powder

    Blackberry Powder Benefits

    1. The effect of blackberry powder to nourish the brain and strengthen the brain
    Blackberry can help relieve the problem of excessive brain pressure. Blackberry alone, like walnuts, can help you strengthen your body and nourish your brain. Blackberry powder has a strong brain-boosting effect and is a very suitable tonic for mentally active people. Take some blackberry powder to soak in water every day, and often drink some blackberry water. Over time, you will feel that your brain is slowly getting stronger, and you will become relaxed and not groggy.
    2. The effect of blackberry powder to nourish blood and nourish the mind
    Blackberry has a soothing effect. Whether it is fresh blackberry meat or dried blackberry meat, it can relieve our mind and help people who are nervous, nervous and upset. The problem of dreaming and insomnia is caused by blackberry powder. Blackberry powder can also nourish qi, blood and nerves. Blackberry Desserts made of powdered sugar water can also nourish blood, so that the mind is no longer drowsy and more clear. Therefore, people who often have a lot of mental work and women who have headaches should eat more blackberries.
    3. Blackberry powder has tocolytic effect
    Blackberry health products contain iron boxes of vitamins, which can reduce the discomfort of pregnant women during pregnancy, and at the same time can supplement nutrients to the fetus in the belly of pregnant women, which is more beneficial to pregnant women and babies, so blackberry products are good, safety dietary supplements.

    Blackberry Powder Uses

    Blueberry powder can be used as a beverage.
    Blueberry powder can be used to make ice cream, cakes, candy and more.
    Blueberry powder can also be added to functional health foods.
    Blueberry powder can be used as a skin care product.

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