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    Product: Butterfly Pea Flower
    Latin name: Clitoria ternatea
    Part used: Butterfly Pea Flower
    Grade: Food & Health Grade
    Application: Food & Beverage
    Source: Natural plant
    MOQ: 1kg
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    What is Butterfly pea flower?

    Butterfly pea flower is also known as blue butterfly, English name: Butterfly pea, Latin name :Clitoria ternatea, Chinese name is butterfly bean flower, blue butterfly. The petals of the butterfly pea flower are used for dyeing and eating. Butterfly pea flower is rich in vitamins A, C and E and is rich in anthocyanins. Therefore, more and more people are not only fond of the color presented by Butterfly pea, but also the more nutritional value of Butterfly pea.

    Butterfly Pea Flower

    Product Name
    Butterfly Pea Tea
    Part Used
    Butterfly Pea Flower
    Food & Health Grade
    Food & Beverage
    Cool dry place avoid light
    Shelf Life
    36 Months
    1 Kg

    Butterfly Pea Flower tea

    Whether you are in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand or Songkhla in southern Thailand, when you travel to Thailand, you should see all kinds of tropical foods, which must include the Thai food that must be tried in Thailand – butterfly pea flower. Thailand will use butterfly pea flower to make various special dishes, such as summer rolls, cold vermicelli, butterfly pea flower rose milk tea, sugarcane fried shrimp with butterfly pea flower rice noodles and other delicacies.

    Butterfly pea flower in Thailand was originally mainly based on wild plants. With the spread of butterfly pea flower food culture, the use of butterfly pea flower has gradually increased, from the original wild-based to the current artificial cultivation. In addition to domestic demand in Thailand, there is also a huge market demand for butterfly pea flower in China, the United States and other places. Around 2019, the demand for butterfly pea flower will increase. Together with local farmers, Gu Yunshen has built a wide range of butterfly pea flower planting bases in Thailand. , The output value of butterfly pea flower has increased year by year, in addition to meeting the basic needs of Thailand, it is then exported to a series of countries such as China and Latin America.

    Butterfly Pea Flower Uses

    Butterfly Pea Flower Spiritual Uses

    Butterfly pea flower, madder, isatidis, etc. are all natural water-soluble plant dyes. Butterfly pea flower is purple when directly soaked in water, or cyan when added with lemon. It can be used for dyeing food such as rice, tea, cakes, etc. Moreover, butterfly pea flower is rich in anthocyanins, vitamins and other substances, which can enhance food while coloring food. nutritional value.
    Dai people in Thailand and Xishuangbanna, Yunnan have been eating butterfly pea flower for hundreds of years. Every year during the Water-Splashing Festival on March 3, the local people pick butterfly pea flowers and soak the rice together with butterfly pea flowers to make traditional purple rice, which symbolizes good luck and good luck.
    Many cold drink shops will produce a variety of creative starry sky series Butterfly Bean Flower products: Butterfly Pea Flower Milk Tea, Butterfly Pea Flower Milk, Butterfly Pea Flower Snow Swallow, Butterfly Pea Flower Sprite and other products, Butterfly Pea Flower has become the “star of dyeing” in the beverage industry. In some restaurants, butterfly pea flower tea is usually regarded as a noble welcome tea to receive VIPs.
    With the popularity of butterfly pea flower, many consumers have created a variety of butterfly pea flower delicacies, such as nourishing sweet soup,peach gum, tea combination (roselle, lemon, peach blossom, other combination scented tea), drinks Combination (sprite, milk, milk tea, jelly, etc.), pastries (toast, cake), gourmet (noodles, rice balls, dumplings), etc.

    Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Recipe

    1Choose five to six butterfly pea flowers, put them in water, add an appropriate amount of sugar and bring to a boil.
    2. Then break the lemon and squeeze the juice.
    3. No bright blue before adding lemon juice. Clearer in light.
    4. It turns purple after adding lemon juice.

    Then Butterfly pea flower where to buy?

    Best Nutras offers you the premium quality of butterfly pea flowers for different purposes, including food production, beverage etc. From natural supply to the dried butterfly pea flower, we guarantee that you’ll received what you desire. Welcome to send us an inquiry at [email protected] for more details.


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