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  • MCT Powder

    Product Name: MCT oil Powder
    Other Name: Medium Chain Tryglycerides powder
    MCT Source: Coconut oil or Palm kernel oil
    Grade: Food Grade
    Appearance: White Fine Powder
    Specification: 50%,70%,75%
    C8:C10: 70:30
    Samples: Available
    Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;

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    What is MCT?

    MCT scientific name medium chain triglyceride, is an unsaturated fatty acid.
    The following is an introduction to unsaturated fatty acids:
    Fatty acids other than saturated fatty acids (fatty acids without double bonds are called saturated fatty acids, the main fatty acids of all animal oils are saturated fatty acids, except fish oil) are unsaturated fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acid is a fatty acid that constitutes body fat and is an indispensable fatty acid for the human body.
    Unsaturated fatty acids are classified into two types, monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, according to the number of double bonds. Among dietary fats, monounsaturated fatty acids include oleic acid, and polyunsaturated fatty acids include linoleic acid, linolenic acid, and arachidonic acid. The human body cannot synthesize linoleic acid and linolenic acid and must be supplemented from the diet.


    How about MCT Powder Source?

    Mct powder is a powdered form of medium chain triglycerides. MCT powder is mainly derived from coconut oil and palm oil, which is a mixture of saturated triglycerides. The production process of MCT powder is relatively complicated. It is finally obtained by hydrolysis, fractionation, esterification, refining, and deodorization of coconut oil and palm oil. After several process steps, the obtained MCT powder has excellent oxidation stability and cooling stability, as well as low viscosity, good solubility and lubricity, so it is suitable for food processing, baking, gourmet and other fields.
    There are two main sources of medium-chain fatty acids:
    1. Coconut Oil-based/CNO-based
    2. Palm Kernel Oil-based/PKO-based
    mct bulk

    Function of MCT oil powder

    1.MCT oil could potentially promote weight loss.
    2.MCT oil could be a good energy source.
    3.MCT could reduce lactate buildup in athletes and help use fat for energy.
    4.MCT could help manage epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and autism.
    5.MCT contains fatty acids that fight yeast and bacterial growth.
    6.MCT may reduce risk factors for heart disease.
    7.MCT could help manage blood sugar levels.

    MCT Powder Application

    • MCT powder are medium-chain fats, which naturally exist in palm kernel oil, coconut oil and other foods and breast milk, and are one of the sources of dietary fat. According to the national food safety standard “General Principles of Infant Formulas for Special Medical Purposes” and the national food safety standard “Standards for the Use of Food Additives”, medium chain triglycerides can be used as food raw materials or emulsifiers.
    • Since the powder is cut with a starch, it’s less likely you’ll experience digestive distress, which is common with high doses of liquid MCTs.
    • MCT Powders or MCT supplement are easier to put into single-use packets and are generally easier to travel with.
    • Easily add MCTs to powders, other supplements, and baked goods.

    Where to buy MCT Powder?

    Best Nutras has the experience of over ten years at the supply chain of MCT powder and we could supply premium MCT powder bulk with competitive price. And we could also supply the certificates require by customers, like, COA, Kosher, halal, USDA, ISO22000…etc. Welcome to wite us at [email protected].

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