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    Product Name: Turkesterone Supplement
    Subcontract:100g 200g 250g 300g (Any other size also support customization)
    Capsule: 500mg 600mg (Any other size also support customization)
    Tablets:100mg 500mg 750mg 1000mg (Any other size also support customization)
    Certifications: ISO, KOSHER, Halal,Organic...etc
    MOQ: Capsules/Tablets for ONE bottle; Subcontract 1kg
    Contact: [email protected]

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    turkesteron flower

    What is Ajuga Turkestanica extracts?

    Ajuga Turkestanica has been used there to enhance muscular strength and physical endurance under harsh, exhaustingconditions.It is anabolic agent designed to increase muscle mass and decrease bodyfat. It can improve muscle for bodybuilder and athlete. Add it in the capsules of your brandsports supplements, and earn more fame for your brand.In contrast to anabolicandrogenic steroids that exert their effects hormonally, Turkesterone appears to have several different mechanisms of action. In a nutshell,they appear to act as potent “adaptogenic” compounds, enabling athletes to increase theirworkloads, improve recovery and stimulate gains in strength and stamina during periodsof intense physical activity. In other words, they appear to promote a “super training” effect.

    Product Source: Ajuga turkestanica extract Active ingredient: Turkesterones
    Latin Name: Radix et Rhizoma Rhei L. Specification: 10:1 20:1/ 2%(this pro is)/,10%-70% Turkesterones
    Part Used: Whole herb Type of extraction: Alcohol&Water
    CAS: 41451-87-0 MOQ: 1 bottle
    Test Method: HPLC Shelf time: 2years

    Turkesterone capsule

    Turkesterone Supplement Function:
    1. Diuretic effects: because of its high content of potassium salt.
    2. Lowering blood pressure effect
    3. Antibiotic effect
    4. Antifungal effect
    5. Anti-inflammatory effect: it enhances the synthesis and secretion of adrenocortical .
    6. Inhibiting immune system effect: using xia ku cao injectiones for under skin injection, it can obviously shrink the thymus glands and spleens of lab animals, and can increase the sizes their adrenal glands.
    7.Muscle building.

    turkesterone dietary supplement

    OEM Specification
    Subcontract 100g 200g 250g 300g (Any other size also support customization)
    Capsule 500mg 600mg (Any other size also support customization)

    100mg 500mg 750mg 1000mg (Any other size also support customization)

    turkesterone OEM

    Welcome to send am imquiry about our Turkesterone or Turkesterone supplements at [email protected] for more details.

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