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  • Beta Ecdysterone Powder

    Product Name: Beta Ecdysterone Powder
    Active Ingredient: Ecdysterone
    Spec.: Extract standardized 95%
    Test Method: TLC
    Powder MOQ: 1kg
    Unit Count supplement: 60, 90, or 120 capsules for 1000mg/capsule
    Application: Sport nutrition
    Samples: 10-20g for Ecdysterone powder
    Label: private label service available
    Email: [email protected]

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    Ecdysterone powderWhat Is Beta Ecdysterone?

    Beta-Ecdysterone, also called 20-hydroxyecdysone, is the active principle in several plants, including Rhaponticum carthamoides, or Maral root, Suma, Cyanotis vaga, and Cyanotis arachnoidea, which is also referred to as hydroxyecdysone.
    Ecdysterone is derived from Cyanotis Arachnoidea, a Chinese native plant that is abundant in phytoecdysteroids, which are thought to be a possible catalyst for the synthesis of muscle protein. Beta-Ecdysterone is a hormone that can be found in a range of other plants and insects. Because it shares a structure with a substance linked to human muscle growth, strength, and recovery, Beta-Ecdysterone may have anabolic-like effects. Researchers think it has protein-stimulating actions that promote the synthesis of muscle proteins, lean body mass, and strength.
    Additionally, beta-ecdysterone is only one of several distinct ecdysteroids, despite being one of the most researched ones. Having said that, Cyanotis arachnoidea, which includes a variety of ecdysteroids, is used to extract our beta-ecdysterone. However, achieving high quantities of beta-ecdysterone with this Cyanotis arachnoidea extract is our major goal, which we successfully accomplished at a concentration of 95%!



    Why Should I Take Beta-Ecdysterone?

    Over the years, beta-ecdysterone has developed quite a reputation, and for good reason! Bodybuilders and sportsmen that rely on strength have taken great advantage of its potent ability to increase muscle strength and growth. Beta-ecdysterone is unquestionably something you should be thinking about if you want to improve your physical performance.

    You might be wondering why you should buy beta-ecdysterone from Best Nutras given how popular it is. The solution is rather straightforward: we take purity, openness, and analytical testing seriously. This is not a regular occurrence in the dietary supplement industry, especially not for well-known compounds like beta-ecdysterone. Given this, you may be confident that the beta-ecdysterone you get from us is authentic, pure, unadulterated, organically extracted, and extremely effective. You don’t even have to take our word for it; when it comes to purity, we let our analytical testing speak for itself!

    How Does Bestnutras’ Beta-Ecdysterone Work?

    Many people use beta-ecdysterone to increase lean muscle mass and to enhance their workouts. It is thought that adding beta-ecdysterone to resistance training will increase lean body mass. The objective effect of beta-ecdysterone is to promote cellular and muscle regeneration, and it may be more effective when taken with animal-based proteins like fish, eggs, chicken, etc. It may have qualities that protect neural tissue in addition to potential advantages related to muscle protein synthesis. Beta-Ecdysterone may raise healthy cholesterol levels by utilizing isoflavones. In addition, Beta-androgenic Ecdysterone’s characteristics are one of the many reasons bodybuilders supplement with it as it lacks any of the effects of androgens.

    ecdysterone for muscle

    Does ecdysterone really work?

    Due to the fact that this substance has just recently become more widely accessible to the general public as a supplement, there haven’t been many trustworthy research concentrating on it. Here is what we know about its possible benefits based on the study and testimonies that are available:

    • Promotes physical strength
    • Promotes muscle growth
    • Supports joint & bone health
    • Increases Lean Muscle Mass
    • Enhances Fat Loss
    • Improves Stamina
    • Lowers Body Cholesterol
    • Improves Athletic Performance
    • Might Protect Cardiovascular System

    ecdysterone supplement

    Ecdysterone Supplement Dosage

    Remember that the effects of ingesting ecdysterone depend on the dose. This indicates that smaller doses of the supplement may be ineffective or less effective. Perhaps this explains why the majority of trials used doses of 50 to 500 mg per day over a duration of 21 to 84 days (3 to 12 weeks).

    Your ideal Ecdysterone dosage also depends on your individual anatomy and how responsive your body is to anabolic compounds, but in general, there’s a few guidelines that we recommend you follow.

    Here are the recommended dosages for Ecdysterone Supplement:

    • Beginner Dose: 250mg/day
    • Intermediate Dose: 500mg/day
    • Advanced Dose: 1,000mg/day

    Why do you Choose Beta Ecdysterone Powder from Best Nutras?

    1) The products Best Nutras supplies are directly manufactured by our own factory, eliminating intermediate traders. We process the traceability of raw materials and finished products. The manufacturing process is supervised. We strictly adhere to the quality standard and procurement process.
    2)We are proud of our several year’s experience of in the deep processing and production of plant extracts. We manufacture more than 500 kinds of products every year, and the provided quantity exceeds 2000 tons, which serves 80% of the traders in US.
    3) We carry qualifications, like, SC Food Production License, HALAL, HACCP, Certificate of Origin, Organic Certification, and Kosher.
    Welcome to send an inquiry at [email protected] about our Beta Ecdysterone Powder.



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