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    Product name: Mulberry Leaf Tea
    Type: Herbal Tea
    Brand Name: BestNutras
    Grade: Premium
    Part Used: Leaves
    Specialty: Health Tea, Organic Tea, Slimming tea, Health tea, drinks, beverage
    Samples: Available for 10-20g
    Certificate: Kosher, Halal, USDA, ISO...
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    Dried mulberry leaf is a kind of dried product that people collect fresh mulberry leaves and air-dried. It can be used as medicine and can also be used as health care ingredients. It is said that it can supplement the human body with rich nutrition and can clear heat and detoxify.

    mulberry leaf tea drink

    Dried Mulberry Leaf is considered as a nice herb in the ancient China for anti-inflammation, anti-aging and maintaining health. Mulberry leaf is rich in amino acids, vitamin C and antioxidants. Among this components, the most valuable are Rutoside and DNJ(1-Deoxynojimycin).

    Type Dried Flower Tea
    Product Name Dried Mulberry Leaf
    Ingredients Mulberry Leaf
    Soup color Green
    Function Lower blood sugar,Skin beauty,Slimming,Anti-Aging
    Taste Sweet
    Aroma Super Fresh
    Tea Type Organic Flowers Tea
    Service Customized Service, Sample Offered
    Storage Cool Clean Dry Place
    Application Make Bubble Tea
    Usage Tea Soup
    Style Loose Tea
    Age New
    Processing Type Hand Made
    MOQ 1 KG
    Packaging Bag,Box,Gift Packing,Vacuum Pack
    Certification QS,HACCP
    Grade Top Grade
    Shelf Life 24Month
    Weight (kg) 1

    What is the function of Dried Mulberry Leaf ?

    -Lowering Blood sugar
    Mulberry leaves contain N-containing-sugars, which can inhibit the rise of blood sugar, and can prevent and treat diabetes. Drinking dried mulberry leaves in water can also prevent the high blood pressure and lipids. In addition, the mulberry leaves are rich in amino acids and alkaloids, as well as some natural polysaccharides. These substances can purify the blood after being absorbed by the human body and reduce blood viscosity. Moreover, it can improve the sensitivity of the human body to insulin, and the oral cavity, blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood lipids can maintain a normal and stable state.
    -Relieving the common cold
    In daily life, people often suffer from wind-heat colds, and drinking dry mulberry leaves in water can quickly improve the symptoms of wind-heat and colds, especially when people suffer from sore throat and fever, as well as headaches due to wind-heat and colds. Drinking dried mulberry leaves in water in time can reduce the symptoms when a variety of uncomfortable symptoms occur.
    -Diuresis and swelling
    Drinking mulberry leaves soaked in water can also reduce swelling. It can speed up the excretion of excess water in the human body, prevent water retention in the human body, prevent edema in the human body, and quickly reduce the swelling symptoms in the human body. It can also remove athlete’s foot, which can quickly relieve the itching symptoms caused by athlete’s foot.
    -Skin beauty
    Mulberry leaves are rich in flavonoids, phenols, amino acids, organic acids, carotene, vitamins and a variety of essential trace elements for the human body, which can improve and regulate the metabolism of skin tssues, especially for facial acne and brown spots Effect.
    Mulberry leaves can eliminate excess neutral fat and cholesterol in the blood, and at the same time promote urination, which can effectively reduce body fat.
    Mulberry leaves tea can increase the activity of superoxide dismutase in the body and prevent the production of harmful substances in the body.
    -Clearing lung heat
    In daily life, people often suffer from lung heat, which can easily cause cough, phlegm and asthma and other uncomfortable symptoms. If you can drink dry mulberry leaves in water in daily life, you can remove the heat in the body and relieve the human lung. Heat can prevent the occurrence of respiratory diseases in the human body due to lung heat, and has obvious benefits for maintaining human respiratory health.

    Tips of Dried Mulberry Leaf Tea Recipe

    • 2 tablespoons dried mulberry leaves
    • 4 cups cold water
    • 1 teaspoon honey to sweeten if desired

    You can also brew mulberry leaf tea with fresh mulberry leaves. Simply add four cups of cold water to a pot with fresh mulberry leaves and gently heat over the stove for 10-15 minutes.

    mulberry leaf tea

    Product Packaging:

    NO. Kinds Series Capacity
    1 Tea
    Box 2g-4g/p,10p-40p/Box
    2 Tin 2g-4g/p,10p-40p/Tin
    3 Plastic
    4 Bulk
    Carton 5Kg,10Kg,18Kg,20Kg,25Kg,etc
    5 Kraft Bag 25Kg,30Kg,35Kg,50Kg,etc
    6 PP Bag 25Kg,30Kg,35Kg,50Kg,etc
    7 Any other packing available at buyer’s option

    BestNutra could offer many products of mulberry leaf:

    -Dried Mulberry leaf
    Mulberry Leaf Extract
    -Mulberry leaf supplement

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