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  • Mulberry Leaf Extract

    Product Name: Mulberry Leaf Extract
    Latin Name: Folium Mori, Ramulus Mori
    Botanical Source: Morus alba L. (Fam. Moraceae).
    Specification: 1% 10% 15% 20% DNJ,10:1 20:1
    Active ingredient: DNJ (1-Deoxynojirimycin hydrochloride)
    Molecular Formula: C6H13NO4
    Molecular Weight:163
    Certificates: Kosher, Halal, USDA, ISO...
    Samples: Available for 10-20g
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    What is mulberry leaf extract?

    Mulberry Leaves contain rutin, quercetin, isoquercitrin, quercetin-3-triglucoside, trace amounts of beta-sitosterol, and campesterol, beta-sitosterol, beta-D-glucoside, snake Naphthenic alcohol, meso-inositol, insect metamorphosis hormones hysterone and ecdysterone, hemolysin, chlorogenic acid. There are acetic acid, propionic acid, butyric acid, isobutyric acid, valeric acid, isovaleric acid, caproic acid, isocaproic acid, methyl salicylate, guaiacol, phenol, o-cresol, m-benzyl Phenol, eugenol, etc., and also contains oxalic acid, fumaric acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, succinic acid, palmitic acid, ethyl palmitate, tridecane, hydroxycoumarin, sucrose, fructose, glucose, aspartic amino acid and gluten amino acids such as amino acids. And contains vitamin C-200~300 mg%, glutathione 140~400 mg%, folic acid 105 μg%, 5-formyl tetrahydrofolate 22 μg%, vitamin B1-460 μg%, vitamin B2-300~800 Microgram %, Adenine, Choline, Fenugreek, and Copper 10p.p.m., Zinc 16p.p.m., Boron 35p.p.m., Manganese 270p.p.m.

    The mulberry leaf extract is made from the mulberry leaf processed by the first to third new leaves on the mulberry branches in the late spring or early frosting, dried and crushed, and then extracted with n-butanol, 90% ethanol and water, respectively. spray dried. Containing mulberry leaf flavonoids, mulberry leaf polyphenols, mulberry leaf polysaccharides, DNJ, GABA and other physiologically active substances.

    Product Name:
    Mulberry Leaf Extract
    Other name:
    Folium Mori
    5:1 10:1 20:1, 1% – 5%
    Active ingredient:
    1-Deoxynojirimycin DNJ , Flavonoid
    Brown yellow powder
    Shelf Life:
    2 years

    Mulberry leaf extract COA

    Analysis Specification Results
    DNJ(HPLC) ≥1% 1.31%
    Appearance Yellow brown powder Complies
    Ash ≤5.0% 4.13%
    Moisture ≤5.0% 3.37%
    Pesticides Negative Complies
    Heavy metals ≤10ppm Complies
    Pb ≤2.0ppm Complies
    As ≤2.0ppm Complies
    Odor Characteristic Complies
    Particle size 100%through 80 mesh Complies
    Microbioiogical :
    Total of bacteria ≤1000cfu/g Complies
    Fungi ≤100cfu/g Complies
    Salmgosella Negative Complies
    Coli Negative Complies

    organic mulberry leaf extract

    What is Mulberry leaf extract good for?

    Mulberry leaf extract can inhibit the blood glucose rising, the major functional material is that DNJ in mulberry leaf can inhibit the activation of α-glucosaminidase, inhibit catalytic reaction of α-glucosehydrolase, thus stopping and delaying starch food decomposing into monosaccharides of glucose, fructose, etc, and clearly inhibiting blood glucose rising rapidly after food. Mulberry leaf is rich in amino acids, vitamin C and antioxidants.
    Besides, it also have the following benefits:

    -Reducing postprandial (after-meal) blood glucose levels

    Mulberry leaf extract contains a variety of natural active ingredients, which can regulate human endocrine and enhance the human body’s sugar tolerance, which can keep human blood sugar in a stable and normal state. Mulberry leaf extract contains some active enzymes and biological potassium, which can promote insulin secretion and inhibit the absorption of disaccharide in the small intestine. They are also the main reason why mulberry leaf extract can regulate blood sugar.

    -Clear the liver and improve eyesight

    Clearing liver and improving eyesight is also one of the important effects of mulberry leaf extract. It can nourish liver and kidney, improve liver function, and prevent vision loss. Embolism has a very good treatment and prevention. In addition, the mulberry leaf extract has a certain therapeutic effect on the high incidence of conjunctivitis and keratitis in humans, and it has great benefits for maintaining human eye health.

    -Clear the lungs and moisten dryness

    Most of the nutrients in mulberry leaves are retained in the mulberry leaf extract. It is bitter in taste and cold in nature. It can clear heat and detoxify, and can also clear the lungs and moisten dryness. It has a very good therapeutic effect. When taking mulberry leaf extract, it can be used together with Chinese herbal medicines such as fritillary and sand ginseng, which will make the effect of clearing the lungs and moistening dryness even better.

    -Reducing appetite and help to promote effective weight loss

    Mulberry leaf powder is also a healthy drink that can lose weight. It also has natural polysaccharides and rich trace elements, but the content of fat and calories is relatively low. When people drink it, it can speed up the decomposition and metabolism of fat in the body in the future. It can reduce the body’s absorption of calories, it can significantly reduce the body weight of humans, and make humans more and more slender. Drinking mulberry leaf powder drinks can play a significant role in weight loss.

    -Increasing insulin sensitivity.
    -Lowering blood cholesterol.

    Side effects of mulberry leaf powder

    Mulberry leaf powder has high nutritional value and excellent health effects, but it also has some side effects, because it is a kind of health-care ingredient with natural content. Those with cold constitution in life are prone to abdominal pain and diarrhea after treatment of mulberry leaf powder. In addition, mulberry leaf powder also has a strong antihypertensive ability. Those who have low blood pressure in life will cause adverse reactions in the human body due to low blood pressure after eating mulberry leaf powder.

    Mulberry leaf extract Application

    Mulberry leaves extracts have a variety of culinary, medicinal, and industrial applications.
    You can also take mulberry leaf supplements, which have become increasingly popular for their potential health benefits. And it is also popular at sport nutrition, especially for weight loss purposes.

    Mulberry leaf products BestNutras have:

    -Dried mulberry leaf (tea)
    -Mulberry leaf extract
    -Mulberry leaf supplement

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