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Edulcorante Natural Trend-Eritritol

Abril 18, 2022

Hace cientos de años, el azúcar seguía siendo un lujo. Los que podían permitírselo eran ricos o caros., y no podian comerlo sin dinero. Por supuesto, la mayoría de las personas no se envenenarían con azúcar. Cuando el tiempo se convierte rápidamente en el nuevo siglo, las bebidas azucaradas y los dulces están fácilmente disponibles, y la gente está consumiendo cada vez más azúcar.
People are always obsessed with delicious food, Valentine’s Day chocolates, breakfast items, processed meats and breads, sweetened pasta sauces, and even a salad lunch.
Sugar makes these foods delicious, and it’s also an important source of energy for our bodies.
Sugar is an essential nutrient for the human body. After being absorbed by the human body, it is immediately converted into carbohydrates to supply the human body with energy. Moderating intake and grasping the timing of eating sugar, is beneficial to the human body. We use sugar as our main source of fuel for strenuous activity and when our brains are functioning.

organic erythritol powder

Eating too much sugar is dangerous?

Sugar is an angel, it can stimulate the brain to secrete excitatory substances, produce energy and happiness; sugar is also a devil, it directly threatens people’s health.
The dangers of sugar have only been discovered in recent years. Hoy dia, walk into a large supermarket and you will find that almost 80% of the food contains sugar. Since 1980, obesity rates have been on the rise in almost every country around the world.
Authoritative experts in the United States publicly stated in the journalNaturethat sugar, like tobacco and alcohol, is a potentially harmful and addictive substance, and taking too much is like chronic suicide. A 34-year follow-up study of 118,000 people showed that the more sugar-sweetened beverages consumed, the greater the risk of early death. Entre ellos, the probability of women is as high as 63%, and the probability of men is as high as 29%.

The harm of sugar to the human body is ultimately caused by the glycation reaction. Glycation, the full name ofnon-enzymatic glycation reaction”, refers to the process in which reducing sugar (such as glucose) reacts slowly with protein, lipid or nucleic acid without enzyme catalysis, and finally generates a series of advanced glycation end products. . Glycation leads to the destruction of cells and tissues at the microscopic level, and causes various chronic diseases, degenerative diseases, inflammation, cancer and aging at the macroscopic level.

After people ingest sugar, when the body decomposes sugar to generate heat, the metabolites produced by it require the participation of vitamin B family to detoxify, and finally excreted from the body. Excessive sugar intake for a long time will cause the body to be deficient in vitamin B due to excessive consumption, resulting in the accumulation of wastes in the human body, and at the same time, the body’s heat energy metabolism, proteína, grasa, carbohydrate metabolism and energy conversion in the brain and tissues will be negatively affected.

As the explosive production, consumption of sugar are increasingly associated with the outbreak of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, people are increasingly aware of the health hazards of excessive sugar intake.

Many foods are higher in sugar than you might think. A 500ml bottle of Coke contains about 53 grams of sugar. But the advice given to us by nutritionists is that the intake of added sugar per person should not exceed 50 grams per day, and it is best to control it below 25 gramos. Asi que, drink a bottle of Coke and you’re over the sugar limit today.

It is undeniable that sugar is still indispensable to human beings. As a part of our body’s energy and nutritional composition, sugar cannot be completely replaced by other energy. Excessive intake of sugar is indeed not good for human health. Por lo tanto, the anti-sugar movement has arisen and has quickly spread to various countries.

Sin embargo, worldwide consumption of processed sugar has been increasing, and it is difficult to reverse this trend. Several governments have already started making moves, the most common method by far being a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) such as sodas and sports drinks.

Eating sugar is dangerous, who can replace it?

Anti-sugar is not as difficult as we think, after all, anti-sugar does not mean parting ways with sugar. But anti-sugar is not too simple. It is either a one-size-fits-all rejection of sugar or a successful anti-sugar.
So is there a kind of sugar that can make people feel sweet, but does not have such high energy, and can also play the role of sugar? So sugar substitutes are becoming more and more popular.
The so-calledsugar substitutefoods are commonly understood as substances that replace sugar in foods. These foods are characterized by no added sugar (como: white sugar, granulated sugar, sucrose, glucosa, etc.), but with sugar substitutes. . Sugar substitutes allow you to enjoy delicious food while beingsweet and healthy”.
For a while, 0-sugar coffee, 0-sugar biscuits, 0-sugar sparkling waterPopular in the beverage circle, “0-azúcar” has become synonymous with healthy food, and has also become a life-saving straw for those who have difficulty quitting sweets.
There are many types of sugar substitutes. According to whether they generate calories or not, they can be generally divided into two categories: nutritive sweeteners (which can generate calories) and non-nutritive sweeteners (no calories). Non-nutritive sugar substitutes, also known as artificial sweeteners.

As far as current scientific research is concerned, sweeteners can indeed improve the proportion of body composition, and it mainly avoids unnecessary weight gain throughzero-calorieintake. From the perspective of health or fitness people, it cannot replace the “azúcar” we usually consume normally, and the same is true for nutritional sugar substitutes.
After sugar substitute enters the human body, it will not cause obvious changes in blood sugar, and it can indeed make the human body feel sweet. Por lo tanto, some companies will choose to replace sucrose with sugar substitutes, so that people will not have some blood sugar reactions and fat accumulation after eating sugar substitutes, and the harm to the human body will be less.

The trend of natural sugar substitutes

Even though artificial sugar substitutes are approved for use by governments around the world, their safety has been controversial. A report published in theAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutritionconducted a 14-year study on 66,118 subjects and found that long-term intake of beverages containing artificial sugar substitutes is more likely to induce obesity.
En años recientes, artificial sugar substitutes have been gradually abandoned by consumers. En 2020, the proportion of artificial sugar substitutes in sugar substitutes is 52%, which has dropped by 20.35% compared with 2011. Natural sugar substitutes have gradually become the first choice for sugar-sweetened foods and beverages in the future.
Natural sugar substitutes are generally extracted from plants, and their names often bear the name of the extracted plant or fruit. Por ejemplo, Mogroside is extracted from Luo Han Guo, and stevia is extracted from Stevia plant. Entre ellos, estevia, which is a natural sugar substitute for Internet celebrities, es 200-300 times sweeter than white sugar, and it contains no calories and does not raise blood sugar.
Stevia is used in some special medical foods for diabetes, and an Internet celebrity milk tea has also launched a service where you can exchange stevia for US$1.

organic erythritol
Sin embargo, in the past two years, it is not the natural sugar substitute mentioned above, pero eritritol. Erythritol is a type of sugar alcohol, which is a naturally occurring sugar. eritritol, a bulk sweetener, is widely found in nature. The molecular weight of erythritol is extremely small, and it will not participate in human metabolism, so it can be described as a real zero-calorie.
For consumers, the temptation is too strong to not worry about gaining weight, but also to satisfy their appetite. Erythritol has entered the food and beverage industry since 2018, and quickly came out of the circle with the labels of zero sugar, zero calories and zero fat.
Hoy dia, erythritol has become synonymous with health and 0 calories and many food production factories have used erythritol as a sweetener to control the side effects of extra intake for sugars.

Why is erythritol so expensive?

The biggest disadvantage of erythritol is that it is expensive.
This has to start with the production process. Enterprises must first process corn into starch milk, then make glucose syrup, and send it into the fermentation tank through pipelines. After more than 100 hours of microbial fermentation, erythritol can be obtained. In theory, companies can extract 100% of the sugar in sugarcane, but erythritol is different. The fermentation cycle is long and the conversion rate is low, so the price of erythritol will naturally rise.
The popularity of sugar-free foods and beverages has made us see both sides of sugar: For people with excessive added sugar intake, it is a good thing to use sugar substitute beverages to provide sweetness and reduce sugar intake.
Erythritol has so many advantages. Nutritionists still recommend that when purchasing sugar-free foods, you should not only look at the wordsugar-free”, but also need to check the nutrition label, and choose the food that is suitable for you according to your personal situation.

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