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  • Phycocyanin Powder

    Product Name: Phycocyanin Powder
    Latin Name: Spirulina
    Source: Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, Spirulina
    Mesh Size: 60-120 Mesh
    Appearance: blue powder
    Odor: With natural fresh spirulina flavor
    Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,USDA;
    Samples: Available for 10-20g
    Email: [email protected]

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    What is Phycocyanin Powder?

    Natural spirulina has a certain fishy smell, and some people dislike it. However, when mixed with spirulina in juice or smoothies, this odor will fade or even disappear. With the advancement of process technology, the phycocyanin extracted now has no fishy smell.

    Spirulina tablets

    Phycocyanin (also known as Blue Spirulina) is the first active ingredient in spirulina. Phycocyanin not only gives Spirulina a distinctive blue color but also provides strong anti-inflammatory and free radical resistance. The extracted phycocyanin is in the form of blue powder or blue liquid, which can provide a bright blue color to ice cream, milkshakes, solid drinks, baking, candy, etc.

    phycocyanin powder

    Specification of Natural Pigment Blue Spirulina Phycocyanin Powder

    Protein Percent
    Phycocyanin Percent

    phycocyanin spec

    Details About our Phycocyanin Powder

    Product Name: Phycocyanin(Spirulina Extract) Part Used: Spirulina
    Synonyms Spirulina Powder, Blue Spirulina, Chlorella Phycocyanin, Phycocyanin powder Production Date: 2022.06.25
    Item Specification Method Result Method
    Physical and Chemical Property
    Appearance Blue Fine Powder Conforms Visual
    Odour Characteristic Conforms Olfactory
    Impurity No Visible Impurity Conforms Visual
    Particle size ≥95% through 80 mesh Conforms Screening
    Residue on Ignition ≤5g/100g 1.06g/100g 3g/550℃/4hrs
    Loss on Drying ≤8g/100g 4.01g/100g 3g/105℃/2hrs
    Total protein content ≥80% 83.59% Kjeldahl method
    Color Value ≥E40 40.38 UV(E1%618nm in distill water)
    Purity ≥1.5 3.35 UV(A620nm/A280nm)
    PH PH5-7 Conforms 1g/100ml
    Ingredients Phycocyanin(Spirulina extract)90%-95%
    Residue Analysis
    Heavy Metals ≤10mg/kg Conforms
    Lead (Pb) ≤2.00mg/kg Conforms ICP-MS
    Arsenic (As) ≤2.00mg/kg Conforms ICP-MS
    Cadmium (Cd) ≤1.00mg/kg Conforms ICP-MS
    Mercury (Hg) ≤0.50mg/kg Conforms ICP-MS
    PAH(BaP+CHR+BaA+BbFA) ≤50μg/kg Conforms GC-MS
    Benzo [a] pyrene ≤10μg/kg Conforms GC-MS
    Microbiological Tests
    Total Plate Count ≤10000cfu/g 500cfu/g AOAC 990.12
    Total Yeast & Mold ≤100cfu/g 10cfu/g AOAC 997.02
    coli-group ≤10cfu/g Conforms AOAC 997.02
    E.Coli. Negative/10g Conforms AOAC 991.14
    Salmonella Negative/10g Conforms AOAC 998.09
    S.aureus Negative/10g Conforms AOAC 2003.07
    Aflatoxins (B1+B2+G1+G2) < 20μg/kg Conforms HPLC
    Aflatoxin B1 < 5μg/kg Conforms HPLC
    Microcystins < 1μg/kg Conforms HPLC
    Product Status
    Conclusion: Sample Qualified.
    Allergen None.
    Shelf Life: 24 months under the conditions below and in its original packaging.
    Retest date: Retest every 24 months under the conditions below and in its original packaging.
    Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from Moisture, Light.


    phycocyanin bulk

    Phycocyanin Powder Benefits

    The phycocyanin powder evolved billion years before the green chlorophyll and in fact, is considered to be the precursor of both chlorophyll and hemoglobin. Chlorophyll itself is very similar to hemoglobin.

    Its properties are manifold and cross-organism but it is mainly designed and used for its invigorating characteristics of the immune system. It’s such properties and characteristics that cause phycocyanin to be extracted from the spirulina algae and be used as a supplement directed to help and assist the immune system. These characteristics make it very suitable for reinforcing the cell membrane, thus increasing the protection of cells from external attacks, such as viruses for example.

    phycocyanin structure

    What is blue spirulina phycocyanin powder good for?

    1. Phycocyanin powder is loaded with B vitamins, which may enhance energy levels.
    2. It is with super high nutritional content, which may boost the immune system, increase metabolism and improve digestion.
    3. Organic Phycocyanin powder is known to have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
    4. It is a healthy dietary supplement, which is natural, dairy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, no preservatives or additives.

    blue spirulina benefits

    Where Organic phycocyanin powder is used?

    Organic phycocyanin powder has wider applications.

    First, Food applications. This natural extraction itself is a nutrient-rich protein, which brings colorfulness to food and guarantees the natural health of the food source.

    blue Phycocyanin

    It is the only natural blue pigment approved by the US FDA. In the European Union, phycocyanin is listed as a raw material for colored food, and the amount used in food is not limited. In China, phycocyanin is included in the GB2760 food additives catalog.

    Second, Phycocyanin powder is fit for directly drinking.

    Take 5g Phycocyanin powder, and added it to the glass to drink directly. It will have a good function of removing spots, maintaining beauty, and keeping young.

    phycocyanin drinks

    Third, Phycocyanin powder could also be used in cosmetic products.

    Anti-aging, Radical scavenging activity, Antioxidant, Remove spot, With the role of moisturizing and make the skin with elasticity. Such as making Moisture Cream , Hand Sanitizer, Eye shadow Lipstick etc. Only the most vigorous natural creatures can extract the most vigorous skin care products. Phycocyanin can long-lasting moisturizing, improve skin dryness.

    phycocyanin cosmetics use

    Why Choose Best Nutras as your Phycocyanin Powder supplier?

    We have been working in the R&D of natural products for several years. With our excellent research team, complete production line, and good after-sale team, we confirm that we could offer you high-quality products based on every experiment.

    We could offer: Phycocyanin powder, spirulina liquid extract, and OEM Phycocyanin capsules/tablets for different applications.

    Please feel free to send us your inquiry at [email protected].



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