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  • Matcha Powder

    Product name: Matcha Powder
    Synonym: Matcha tea powder, matcha green tea powder, Matcha, Green tea matcha powder
    Latin Name: Matcha
    Specification Ratio: 80 Mesh
    Part Used: leaves
    Appearance: Green
    Raw material: Green tea;
    Nutritional ingredients:tea polyphenols, theanine...
    Samples: Available for 10-20g
    Email: [email protected]

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    What is Matcha?

    Matcha Powder also called matcha green tea powder, which is made from shade-grown green tea leaves. The plants used for matcha are botanically called Camellia Sinensis, and they are shade-grown for three to four weeks before harvest. The shade-grown green tea leaves produce more active ingredients. After the harvest, the leaves are steamed to deactivate enzymes, then they are dried and the stems and veins are removed, after that, they are grinded or milled into powder.

    Matcha can be consumed as tea directly in daily life. It can be used as green pigment for food and drinks, such as ice-Creams, bread, cheese, cake, noodles, milkshakes, salad, and so on. It can also be used in cosmetics for skin care.

    The serving is generally just 2 to 4 ounces and contains a concentrated amount of caffeine. It’s also more flavorful, and deliciously rich with a vegetal, umami taste, and a luscious foam on top.

    How about the benefits of matcha tea powder?


    -Matcha could provide energy;
    -Matcha tea powder could strengthen our immune system;
    -It could detoxify the system as a whole;
    -Matcha green tea powder curbs cravings and improves metabolism;
    -Matcha powder creates a calm&focused mind;
    -Relieving tension&relaxing the body;
    -It is filled with nutrients and has powerful antioxidants, which is ten times more than green tea;

    How to Use Green Matcha Powder?

    1. Making a cup of matcha tea

    The traditional preparation of matcha is simply green tea. To make matcha tea, simply combine two teaspoons of matcha with hot water in a mug and stir to dissolve.

    matcha drinks

    2. Matcha is popular as a bakery Ingredient

    Matcha can be easily incorporated into baked goods as a powder, like muffins, scones, healthy cookies, and more. You could also replace a small amount of flour with matcha powder and try to make matcha pancakes or waffles for breakfast. The matcha powder could work as a colorant for your baked goods, which can be fun for kids or for special occasions.

    matcha cake

    3. Matcha could be used for noodles.

    Find premade matcha noodles (or look up recipes to make your own) to use in soups, noodle salads, or other fun recipes for a unique and healthy meal.

    4. Giving a boost to your green smoothie or ice creams.

    It’s already green, so why not make it greener? Adding a few teaspoons of matcha powder to your green smoothie recipe will make it even healthier. And it is also a good choice to add to your favorite ice creams for a special flavor.

    matcha food

    Advantages of our Matcha Green Tea Powder:

    1. One of the professional matcha powder manufacturers.
    2. 100% natural organic raw material directly sourced from the local farm.
    3. Eco-friendly, gluten-free product.
    4. OEM service or contract manufacturing service is offered.
    5. Matcha drinks or matcha tea (packaged with bags)could be produced.

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